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New Myths: Jonathan Monaghan Interviewed by Sean Capone
Atrace Leftbythe Future Install 02

Somewhere between cinema and video games.

New Myths: Jonathan Monaghan Interviewed by Sean Capone
Atrace Leftbythe Future Install 02

Somewhere between cinema and video games.

Atmospheric Entanglement: Jamila Johnson-Small’s i ride in colour and soft focus, no longer anywhere by Jenn Joy
02 Carlos Jimenez And Katarzyna Perlak

The choreographer explodes memory and explores the multiple.

Iman Issa by Andrew Weiner
Iman Issa Bomb Magazine 01

A New York- and Cairo-based artist unpacks her understanding of heritage and how it can operate in contemporary art.

Eric Baudelaire by Benoît Rossel
Eric Baudelaire Bomb Magazine 01

Inspired by Japanese “landscape theory,” a Parisian artist-filmmaker explains why he prefers to show us the world as his subjects see it.

Peter Burr, Luke Fischbeck, & Seabat by John Also Bennett
Peter Burr 1

Tarkovsky, aural illusions, and cultivating transcendent spaces.

Portfolio by Ofri Cnaani

My Untranslated Feed

Finnbogi Petursson’s Second/Second by Scott Turri
​Finnboggi Petursson, Infra-Supra

On his second stop at Wood Street Galleries, Icelandic artist Finnbogi Petursson returns with Second/Second, his first solo US exhibition, featuring two large installations involving sound, light, and water.

Boru O’Brien O’Connell by Cat Kron
Boru 1

The process of performance.

The Variable Place of Tony Martin by Camilla Padgitt-Coles & Nicky Mao
Desert Ambulance Still  Collaboration With Ramon Sender  1963 Body

Multi-media artist Tony Martin talks about his synesthesia-driven take on creating space that draws on human-to-human connection.

David Lang by Nico Muhly
Love Fail 2 Body

Muhly chats with fellow composer, and Pulitzer Prize winner, David Lang about his recent work, love fail, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music from December 6 to December 8.

Great Smile, Warm Personality: Clunie Reid by Ashley McNelis
Take No Photographs Leave Only Ripples 2009 Creid Body

Clunie Reid plays with representation, multi-media, and the process of (re)production.

SWEENEY STYLE by Jeffrey Grunthaner
Image 1 1 Body

Jeffrey Grunthaner looks at the triad of art, life, and aesthetics via the Spencer Sweeney lens.

Radiohole by Barbara Browning
Radiohole 3 Body

Members of the downtown theater company share their commonalities with Occupy Wall Street and ideas on alternate uses for plastic bags.

Maksaens Denis by Christopher Cozier
Denis 01

Maksaens Denis, a multimedia artist from Haiti who divides his time between Port-au-Prince and Paris, is also a dj and vj who comes from a classical music background. Appropriately, what might first appear to be unwieldy about his work has the exactitude of classical composition.

Pierre Huyghe by Doug Aitken
Pierre Huyghe 01

Pierre Huyghe, winner of the 2002 Hugo Boss Award, moves freely among different mediums, staging situations that while visually and conceptually complex, allow room for unexpected collaborations, both with other artists and with the viewer.

Doug Aitken by Dannielle Tegeder
​Doug Aitken 01

Nearly six years ago, after a long day of wandering Chelsea in a daze, I walked into 303 Gallery looking for a good painting show and instead had my first Aitken encounter. 

Annalee Davis by María del Carmen Cossu
Annalee Davis1

Carmen Cossu on how Annalee Davis’s mixed media art reveals a search for identity inspired by the artist’s native Barbados.

Pepón Osorio by Jennifer Gonzalez
Osorio 4 Body

Most urban dwellers live within their own limit politics—a linked network of socially and economically circumscribed spaces. 

John Sayles by David L. Ulin
Sayles 01 Body

Shot on location in Mexico in Spanish and a variety of Indian dialects, John Sayles’s film Hombres Armados (Men with Guns) is in many ways a truly foreign film. David L. Ulin talks with Sayles about how the film reflects the cultures it portrays.

Gretchen Bender by Cindy Sherman
Bender 01 Body

The late Gretchen Bender created “high tech” art when “high tech” was still an accepted turn of phrase. Here, she talks to Cindy Sherman about the appropriation and manipulation of TV commercials, images from the news, and contemporary art.

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