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Life Before Death: John Bruce and Pawel Wojtasik Interviewed by Nicholas Elliott
End Of Life Sarah Grossman

The filmmakers take an unexpected approach to documenting people in the final stage of life.

Moon Over Quabbin by Michael Coffey

The woman is in Iowa now, I hear. She moved there with her husband shortly after, and now she sees.

Thomas Lynch’s Bodies in Motion and at Rest by Glenn Moomau
Robert Turney

In his second collection of essays, funeral director and poet Thomas Lynch embraces wider and more personal themes, touching upon emotional instability, marriage, children and the search for meaning.

Four Poems by Rusty Morrison

This First Proof contains four poems titled “An Intersection of Leaves not Likeness” and “An Intersection of Leaves not Loss.”

Tacita Dean by Jeffrey Eugenides
Dean 03 Body

I agree with the French. “Tacita Dean. Formidable!” She is an overpowering force and I cower before her in admiration.

Cristi Puiu’s The Death of Mr. Lazarescu by Branden King
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Cinema didn’t start with stories. It was hijacked by them. The journey from Lumière to Griffith was over before it began.

Adam McEwen by Angus Cook
Mcewen 01

The exploration of one concept—the dailyness of our lives—in terms of four distinct, and interrelated, others: artifice, authority, mortality, and the order of things. 

Tsai Ming-Liang’s What Time Is It There? by William Cohen
Tsai Ming-Liang 01

Tsai Ming-Liang’s film What Time Is It There? uncovers ghosts in Taipei and Paris and pays its respects to French filmmakers Truffaut and Léaud.

Tobias Schneebaum by Allan Gurganus
Schneebaum01 Body

That far downtown, the Hudson can smell leaf green and has an oceanic glint. Overlooking freshets and container ships, the retired Explorer occupies steep rooms in a building where Thomas Edison invented the rotary telephone.

The Dead Man by Joshua Harmon

This First Proof contains the story “The Dead Man.”

Giovanni Rizzoli by Kathleen Goncharov
Rizzoli 01 Body

Giovanni Rizzoli’s forms are visual fragments from the historical past and the artist’s personal memories. 

Donald Antrim by Thomas Bolt
Atrim 01 Body

Writers Donald Antrim and Thomas Bolt trade keys to iconoclasm and metaphor in Antrim’s novel, The Hundred Brothers.

Sharon Olds by Amy Hempel
Olds 01 Body

This interview is featured, along with thirty-four others, in our anthology BOMB: The Author Interviews.

Ariel Dorfman by Jenifer Berman
Dorfman 01 Body

Writer Ariel Dorfman addresses his pan-American past, the threshold of insanity, and the literary stakes of exile.

Paulie Is Born by Michael Greenberg
​Alan Scarritt

Dear Reader:

I know there has been much speculation on the strange circumstance of my birth, about which many myths have been told.

Duane Michals by David Seidner
Michals 01 Body

Duane Michals moves beyond representation and reproduction in his photography, and instead “writes” with his art. He explains the importance of constantly redefining the medium to fellow photographer David Seidner.

Martin Amis by Patrick McGrath
Amis 01 Body

This interview is featured, along with thirty-four others, in our anthology BOMB: The Author Interviews.

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