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Suzanne Bocanegra by John Haskell
Bocanegra 01

By casting actors to perform as herself, Bocanegra considers “the nature of presentation itself.” Lili Taylor stars in her Farmhouse/Whorehouse at BAM’s Next Wave Festival this December.

Suzanne Bocanegra by John Haskell
Bocanegra 01

By casting actors to perform as herself, Bocanegra considers “the nature of presentation itself.” Lili Taylor stars in her Farmhouse/Whorehouse at BAM’s Next Wave Festival this December.

Becca Blackwell’s They, Themself and Schmerm by Amber Power
Blackwell Becca 01 Bomb 134

It’s Corey Haim here—‘80s heartthrob, teen idol, and tragic girlish boy next door. What’s up, Schmerm?

Paper Clip #15

Paper Clip is a weekly compilation of online articles, artifacts and other—old, new, and sometimes BOMB-related.

Mike Daisey by Tom Healy
Dsc 4694 Body

Poet Tom Healy discusses non-Euclidian navigation of New York City (among many other topics) with monologist Mike Daisey.

The Cruise—a floating audio film by eteam by Sabine Russ
Eteam Body

Russ follows the instructions of The Cruise, a “floating audio film,” which directs its listeners to follow Maja Sweeney on a monologue through the mind.

Richard Maxwell by John Kelsey
Maxwell 01 Body

“That question is not about the character that’s written on the page there. That question is about you. There’s a kind of compulsion when you’re acting to make it believable, to make it credible. That’s not my concern. That’s going to happen. Whatever happens will be real. It will be real in some fashion.” 

Wallace Shawn’s The Fever
​Wallace Shawn

Wallace Shawn’s Traveler is sick with fever, wedged between the sink and the toilet in an unnamed hotel located in an undisclosed country after a civil war. Borges’s time labyrinth imbues the atmosphere;

John Haskell’s I am not Jackson Pollock by Betsy Sussler

In his debut book I am not Jackson Pollock, John Haskell shapes his performative impersonations of characters from Joan of Arc to Topsy the elephant into short stories with the character development of an actor and the writing skill of a novelist.

Danny Hoch’s Jails, Hospitals, and Hip Hop by Mark Magill
64 Danny Hoch Homepage

Danny Hoch hauled his one-man entourage to the room upstairs at PS122 for a solo performance of Jails, Hospitals, and Hip-Hop.

Linda Hill by Anney Bonney
Linda Hill

When the curtain rises on writer/performer Linda Hill, the metaphoric veil we call normal awareness goes with it.

Eric Bogosian by Betsy Sussler
Bogosian 01 Body

Eric Bogosian is one of the best performers we’ve got. And he’s got two Obie’s to prove it for acclaimed solos: Drinking in AmericaSex, Drugs, Rock & Roll and his latest solo, Pounding Nails. Something about his transformations are almost magical, so compelling, they are almost demonic. 

John Leguizamo by Stanley Moss
Leguizamo 03 Body

“Things are changing, and I think Hispanic people are making it change, and I’m going to do my best to make it change, you know? Not just sit back and wait for things to happen, ‘cause they’re not going to happen by themselves.”

Penny Arcade by Allen Frame
Arcade 01 Body

Channeling New York’s most notorious divas, Penny Arcade reveals the inspiration and connection she finds from her subjects.

Spalding Gray by Karry Kammer
Gray01 Body

Notorious for his intensely personal monologues, much of Spalding Gray’s material was drawn directly from his personal life. He discusses how being “tattle-tale Gray” affected his career as he eats smoked scallops on the beach with Karry Kammer.

Rain Devils by Rosemary Moore
Laurie Sagalyn 001

Tracy Lusk, 40, is speaking to her son, Bradley Aaron, 17, in a dark musky living room. 

Robbie by Sinclair Beiles

Robbie: There! Go for it. 

Monologues for the Stage from “Sounds in the Distance” by David Wojnarowicz

Sometimes when I’m walking through the streets I want my fingernails to grow long and hard so I can make scratches in the sidewalks;

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