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Making Space: Ronny Quevedo Interviewed by Louis Bury
Ronny Quevedo1

Work that illustrates how margins and centers interact.

Another Kind of Living Life (or Those Who Do Not Dance Will Have To Be Shot): Radcliffe Bailey: Travelogue by Jessica Lanay
Radcliffe Bailey Final1

Art of enslavement and escape.

Peter Manseau’s Songs for the Butcher’s Daughter by Katie Przybylski
Manseau 2 Copy Body

Let’s begin with an image Peter Manseau’s character Itsik Malpesh always returns to: a toddler clenching her fist in the air to stop a mob, mid-pogrom.

Two Poems by Elena Georgiou

Immigrant #8: Under a Public Skin

On the corner of 33rd and 5th,

A Book of Swoons by John Phillip Santos

1. Of the color of daylight in eternity

Christopher Cozier by Annie Paul
Cozier 01 Body
Sanctuary by Neil Bissoondath

He forced his gaze past his own reflection in the plate-glass window of the restaurant, past the inverted letters announcing Thai, Cambodian, and Vietnamese cuisine, to the night beyond. 

Lost Years by David Marshall Chan

Out there on the road we didn’t have much to do, so when the orange butterflies first appeared to us they were a welcome distraction. 

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