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Antonio Campos and Robert Greene by Nicholas Elliott
Antonio Campos Christine Bomb 01

Two films tell the tragic story of reporter Christine Chubbuck’s on-air suicide in 1974.

Antonio Campos and Robert Greene by Nicholas Elliott
Antonio Campos Christine Bomb 01

Two films tell the tragic story of reporter Christine Chubbuck’s on-air suicide in 1974.

Mel Chin by Saul Ostrow
Mel Chin 01 Bomb 137

Wry installations and revelatory sculptures blend art-making and activism in Chin’s unique practice of transformation.

Portfolio by Abounaddara

“The enemy is indifference.”

Portfolio by David Berezin

Hollywood, its shopworn (and ridiculous) gender constructs, and canned sentimentality are the prime targets of David Berezin’s work in photography and video.

Michael Winterbottom by Gary M. Kramer
Michael Winterbottom 01

Crime, gossip, and feeding the media machine.

Astra Taylor’s The People’s Platform by Orit Gat
Astra Taylor Bomb 130

Was the Internet intended for you? It’s hard to think about it structurally without throwing personal use into the mix.

BOMB Specific by Daniel Bozhkov
Daniel 01 L Body
John Miller by Liam Gillick
Miller 1

John Miller and Liam Gillick talk about repurposing painting, conceptualism, and reality TV.

Unedited Transcript: Kenneth Goldsmith
Kenneth Goldsmith Body

This is an unedited raw transcript, made available as a BOMB Web Extra.

Burning Billboards by Jacob Boyd
Jacob Boyd 01

The night I set off into dry weeds
with a red plastic gas can

A Stabbing Pain by Naief Yehya

When my symptoms became worse, I decided to consult a doctor, only to discover that nothing more could be done for me. 

Nichole Argo and Omar Amanat
Argo 01

Producer Omar Amanat speaks with author Nichole Argo on her groundbreaking study, The Human Bombs Project.

Amid Amidi’s Cartoon Modern: Style and Design in Fifties Animation by Duncan Teater
Amidi 1

In Chicago, where I live, I can eat a cup of decent pea soup at a bakery across the street from the Richard J. Daley Center, a sharp steel and glass courthouse tower. 

David Levi Strauss by Hakim Bey
David Levi Strauss 01

The relation of images is the crux of writer David Levi Strauss’s work, though it’s by no means a sedentary position. He sat down with longtime friend and writer Hakim Bey to discuss how images operate in the public imaginary.

Jehane Noujaim’s Control Room by Bette Gordon
248837716 07312015 Jehane Noujaim 01 Bomb 088

Documentary filmmaker Jehane Noujaim invites viewers into both Al Jazeera, Arab-language satellite television, and CentCom, the US military news center, for two very different media portrayals of the 2003 US invasion of Iraq.

Paul Pfeiffer by Jennifer Gonzalez
Pfeiffer 01 Body

Winner of the Whitney Museum’s first Bucksbaum award in 2000, Paul Pfeiffer has received attention over the last few years for his provocative digital video production.

On September 11 by Clifford Ross
Hurricane 20Xviii

Clifford Ross deals with his personal helplessness during the events of September 11th as he discusses his new perspective on his own actions, as well as the world.

John Sayles by David L. Ulin
Sayles 01 Body

Shot on location in Mexico in Spanish and a variety of Indian dialects, John Sayles’s film Hombres Armados (Men with Guns) is in many ways a truly foreign film. David L. Ulin talks with Sayles about how the film reflects the cultures it portrays.

bell hooks by Lawrence Chua
Hooks 01 Body

An in-depth interview with “one of America’s most indispensable and independent thinkers,” bell hooks, by BOMB contributing editor Lawrence Chua.

James Rosenquist by Mary Ann Staniszewsk
Rosenquist 01 Body

James Rosenquist, one of the key American Pop Artists, has been making and showing his paintings for several decades. His early ’60s work, like that of Warhol and Lichtenstein, provides a seductive but critical mirror image of the mass media.

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