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Toxic Masculinity and Rainbows: Judy Chicago Interviewed by Olivia Gauthier

“Subversion is very basic to my work.”

One Piece: Clearly Confused by Natalie Baxter
Natalie Baxter Clearly Confused

The artist talks about the genesis, composition, and execution of a recently completed work.

Macho Memoirs by Daniel Pearce
Jd Daniels 01

Taking writing to the mat in J.D. Daniels’s The Correspondence

Lynda Benglis by Federica Bueti
Lynda Benglis Bomb 01

The eminent artist discusses her materials, “frozen gestures,” and the illusion of form.

Andrew T. Betzer by Nicholas Elliott
Elegant Violence: Amy Elkins by Carmen Winant
1 Body

Photographer Amy Elkins peers through the lens of masculine identity into the eye of a high-contact sport with a new show at Yancey Richardson.

Tala Madani by Diana Al-Hadid
Tala Madani 01

When I look at Tala Madani’s paintings, I notice a peculiar relationship between what is direct (the manner) and what is ambiguous (the matter).

Guys Like Us by Adam Day
Ben Handzo 01

Walking the hardware store
aisles, past busted boxes
of finishing nails and mole
traps, he wonders if his penis
is still masculine if it resides
in a male mouth still warm
from casserole and coffee.

My Life as a Man: An Intimate Diary by Alan Pauls


So tired of being a man. 

Pepón Osorio by Jennifer Gonzalez
Osorio 4 Body

Most urban dwellers live within their own limit politics—a linked network of socially and economically circumscribed spaces. 

Tim Gardner by Allen Frame
Tim Gardner

In his first New York solo show at 303 Gallery, the 26-year-old Canadian painter Tim Gardner works from his brothers’ and his own snapshots of their friends to create a vivid depiction of teenage male-bonding games glimpsed in the suburbs of Toronto, Winnipeg, and Vancouver. 

The Bad Father by Todd Grimson

My father got me drunk when I was 14, not too long after my birthday, and I have a scar on my forehead as a result. 

Keith Antar Mason by Coco Fusco
Mason 01 Body

“I’m talking about stopping one of the older human rituals, human sacrifice, and I think that’s what I’m really trying to get to. I have to get where words will stop a death.”

Louis Edwards by Ameena Meer
Edwards 01 Body

Louis Edwards is the kind of sweet, gangly guy you knew in high school. He’s shy and considerate, with a self-conscious smile on his bespectacled face that turns quickly into a laugh. In conversation, he steers around controversy, avoiding the slightest meanness. His novel, Ten Seconds, is the opposite.

Two Photographs by Bruce of Los Angeles
20 Bruceofla 1 Body

Two photographs of bodybuilders, one taken circa 1955 and the other circa 1987, by Bruce of Los Angeles from the Body Pictures portfolio.

Two Photographs by John Coplans
Bomb 16 Jcoplans1 Body

Two black and white photographs of nudes, titled Self Portrait, Side View Walking and Self Portrait, Reclining Torso, Arms Folded by John Coplans.

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