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Portfolio by Ville Kumpulainen
1 Kumpulainen Thewindsblow

Ville Kumpulainen is a photographer living and working in Helsinki, Finland. In his new book, Out of Sight (Hatje Cantz, 2017), Kumpulainen manipulates archival images to solidify the tenuous connection between present and past, attempting to fill the gaps left between himself and his history.

Lucas Blalock by Taylor Dafoe
302294585 04252016 Blalock Bomb 02

“If I do something to a photograph, the viewer has an impulse to naturalize what happened, to correct the mistake.”

Portfolio by Martha Rosler
Rosler Bomb 1

“Bodily trauma at the very level of form.”

Portfolio by Asger Carlsen
268192601 02232016 Carlsen Bomb 7


Ryan Foerster by Ashley McNelis
Ryan Foerster Bomb 1

“If this is what this material does now, just treat it as a positive thing.“

Valerie Snobeck by Joe Fyfe
Snobeck 01

“The absurdity of this material’s resistance made me want to work with the plastic, the peels. The plastic is part of us, part of me and my contribution, too, even if not directly. Plastic is estranged from me, but it is me.”

Mia Fineman’s Faking It: Manipulated Photography before Photoshop by Tim Davis
Faking It 1 Body

Faking It: Manipulated Photography before Photoshop is a catalogue for the exhibition Mia Fineman curated on early photographers’ efforts to revise their original photographs.

Luther Price by Andrew Lampert
Bomb120 Price 01

Boston-based filmmaker Luther Price makes consciousness-puncturing works that, viewed once, may never be seen again.

Brian Ulrich by Lynn Saville
Atrium  Dixie Square Maill  2010 Body

“And somewhere in this tantrum of rebellion, I started to really love photography.”

Three Works by Sebastiaan Bremer
112 Bremer 01 Body
Four Works by Valérie Belin

This First Proof contains a portfolio of four works by Valérie Belin.

Walead Beshty & Eileen Quinlan
Beshty Quinlan 01

Quinlan’s photographs picture—literally—smoke and mirrors; Beshty makes photos without a camera. They meet on a New York Chinatown rooftop to discuss their work.

Four Photographs by Lou Reed
108 Loureed 4 Body
Idris Khan by Adam Fuss
Idris Khan 1

There’s an inherent failure in all traditional art media; while lives and time appear to move and change, an artwork remains forever a prisoner of its own birth time, and our subsequent need to preserve and consume it.

Portfolio by Gerald Slota
99 Slota 1 Body
Wave Music by Clifford Ross
Ross 01

Photographer Clifford Ross writes about his Wave Music project—the methods and equipment he uses as well as the philosophical underpinnings driving his work.

Sally Gall’s Subterranea by Bernard Yenelouis
Sally Gall 01

Sally Gall’s photographs explore below-ground spaces, looking not for the tourist sites, terrorist hideaways, or Wonderland worlds we might expect of caves and tunnels, but finding beauty in the juxtaposition of light and stone.

Oliver Boberg by Amanda Means
Boberg 01 Body

The process of making photographs is full of mind twists: upside downs, downside ups, negatives/positives, blacks/whites…The camera sees with a lens that projects an upside-down image on the ground glass of a view camera. 

Roger Newton by Adam Fuss
Bomb 59 Newton1 Body

Roger Newton practices the photography of the unseen and indefinable by dispensing with the preformed materials of a craft and by a mastery of the archaic theories of silver and light. He’s entered a personal Lascaux and discovered the meaning of the passage of light through honey.

Four Works by Norma Holt & Karen Gunderson
Bomb 57 Gunderson Body
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