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Lawrence Michael Levine by Gary M. Kramer
Lawrence Levine 1

The fine art of the romantic-comedy-thriller-mystery.

Lawrence Michael Levine by Gary M. Kramer
Lawrence Levine 1

The fine art of the romantic-comedy-thriller-mystery.

Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne by Liza Béar
Dardenne Brothers 01

The master filmmakers on blending the political and the personal in their new film.

Raya Martin by Katie Bradshaw
​How to Disappear Completely

Filmmaker Raya Martin discusses Philippine cinema, emoji, and his latest feature How to Disappear Completely.

Denis Côté by Steve Macfarlane

Québécois filmmaker Denis Côté on filmic revenge, horror, and making a film in seven days.

John Torres by Giovanni Marchini Camia
Yellow Helmet

Filipino filmmaker John Torres discusses his embrace of being an outsider, the fight for an audience, and how a mishearing became his new film Lukas the Strange.

Paper Clip #32 by Jacob Forrest Severn
Day One

Paper Clip is a weekly compilation of online articles, artifacts and other—old, new, and sometimes BOMB-related.

Joe Swanberg and Josephine Decker by Russell Sheaffer
Butter on the Latch 1

Filmmakers and friends Swanberg and Decker—who both have features at the 2013 La Di Da Film Festival—discuss the immorality of not making comedies and the challenges of making sexually charged films.

Cheap Fun by Clinton Krute
Le Pont Du Nord 12 Body

Jacques Rivette’s Le Pont du Nord and Bob Byington’s Somebody Up There Likes Me are abstract in different ways, but for the same reason: lack of funds.

Kelly Reichardt by Gus Van Sant
Reichardt 01 Body

Director Kelly Reichardt first gained widespread notice with her 2006 film Old Joy, a paean to post–9/11 political and personal miasma played out in the campfire conversations and road-trip recollections of two longtime friends in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon.

Beto Gómez by Carlos A. Gutiérrez
Gomez 01 Body

Beto Gómez is an outsider. 

Jonathan Caouette by Christopher Wilcha
Jonathan Caouette 01

32-year-old Brooklyn filmmaker Jonathan Caouette has been documenting his own life since he was eleven. His staggering debut Tarnation, part documentary and part narrative, is a densely layered testament of Caouette’s life and that of his family.

Larry Fessenden’s Habit by Suzan Sheman
Larry Fessenden

Habit is low budget and gritty, fitting for its setting in the lower Manhattan bars, tenement apartments, and Italian festivals of summer—you can almost smell the sausages and peppers smoldering.

Judy Davis by Liza Béar
​Judy Davis 01

The consummate actress, Judy Davis talks about her starring role in the epic satire, Children of the Revolution.

Mike Figgis  by Bette Gordon
Figgis 01 Body

Director Mike Figgis composed his film, Leaving Las Vegas, like a jazz score. It soars and crashes, and soars again.

Kelly Reichardt by Todd Haynes
Reichardt 01

Todd Haynes, the director of Safe, first met Kelly Reichardt during the making of his film Poison. They take five to compare notes upon the release of Reichardt’s first feature film, River of Grass.

Gregg Araki by Lawrence Chua
Araki 01 Body

“Because I’m such a Los Angeles brat, it’s about 18-year-olds, and it’s filled with that kind of like L.A. talk and shopping malls. My producer said it’s like a gay John Hughes movie directed by Godard.” Gregg Araki

Liza Béar by Robert Lang
Liza Bear. ©1990 by Dave Pentecost.

Liza Béar directed the film Force of Circumstance, a political drama set in the infamous city of Casablanca and Washington DC. Her body of work of short films consist of Oued Nefifik: A Foreign MovieLost Oasis, and Earthglow.

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