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The Intimate Suggests the Epic: A Year in Small Press and Indie Publications
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A round-up of titles published by independent presses in 2020.

The Intimate Suggests the Epic: A Year in Small Press and Indie Publications
Indie Presses Gif

A round-up of titles published by independent presses in 2020.

Dreams Are Instruments of Liberation: José Eduardo Agualusa Interviewed by Bibi Deitz
Society Of Reluctant Dreamers by José Eduardo Agualusa

On interviewing revolutionaries, writing from photographs, and collaborating with translators.

Josephine Decker’s Shirley by Lincoln Michel
Em 19 Shirley Em Oy Lighter

It’s rare for a short story to cause a ruckus, and Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” is one of the few exceptions.

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Abbigail N. Rosewood’s If I Had Two Lives by Yasmin Roshanian
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In New York, everything sounds back to Vietnam…

Nina Hoss by Nicholas Elliott
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A German play based on a French memoir reflects on the global Left’s abandonment of the working class—and finds additional significance in the Age of Trump.

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins by Hilton Als​
Branden Jacobs Jenkins 1

The playwright discusses his formative years, rejuvenation of historical material, and how race is coded into theatergoing itself.

Furniture, Table, Chair, Shelves by Amina Cain

There is a tone I want, but I don’t know how to get it. 

from As Flies to Whatless Boys by Robert Antoni
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As Kings Wharf remained congested with packets off-loading the first class—and the morning slipping away fast—Papee made arrangements with a fisherman, hailed over to the side of the Rosalind, to row us ashore in his small pirogue.

Gonçalo M. Tavares by Pedro Sena Nunes
Tavares 2 Body

“We face the book when reading. We do not read out of the corner of our eyes; to read is to turn the body toward the letter.”

Shellhouse by Shane Jones
12  Emportez Nous Body

Men in pig masks snort moon off a marble table then strap on metallic suits with honeycomb wire wings, oxygen canisters tight on their backs, and fly upward and pull the screen-for-sky across the sky. 

Three Stories by James Yeh
Delay 32 Body


I’m giving my parents the tour. 

Submergence by J.M. Ledgard

He had lain down beside the trench and had a dream so lifelike he could not believe it was his alone.

The Chosen One by Luis Negrón
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Ever since I was little I’ve heard my mother tell the story, more than once, that when they presented me at church, barely forty days old, the preacher predicted that I would not be like other boys, that every step I took would be a step toward Jehovah.

So I Went Away by Scott McClanahan
Muybridge Body

I went away from this place and I lived somewhere else. 

Exodus by Lars Iyer
Children S Waltzer Ride At The Hoppings  1990

He has things to tell me, W. says when I meet him at Newcastle airport in the morning. Great things!

The Pharmacist’s Mate by Amy Fusselman
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What is it about my dad being dead that I can’t say it enough? 

Six Poems by Adam Fitzgerald
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Underfed by Susan Steinberg
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; there was the time I stood outside; it had snowed the night before; 

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