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Sadie Benning by Lia Gangitano
Benning Bomb 01

“With film, you have sound and you can construct this whole environment that allows for a certain feeling to exist for someone watching. There’s more of a burden on a painting to develop these kinds of feelings or experiences in one frame.”

Takashi Makino’s 2012 by Marianne Shaneen
Takashi Makino's 2012

Takashi Makino’s thirty-minute film 2012—screened as part of the New York Film Festival’s Projections series in October—drenches the audience with sounds of prolonged resonant scraped string textures and images of shimmering blue clouds of drifting particles. 

Valerie Snobeck by Joe Fyfe
Snobeck 01

“The absurdity of this material’s resistance made me want to work with the plastic, the peels. The plastic is part of us, part of me and my contribution, too, even if not directly. Plastic is estranged from me, but it is me.”

Jon Pestoni by Joanne Greenbaum
Pestoni 1

How do I write on another painter without the jargon or obscure art-speak? I have no idea.

Portfolio by Anne GIlman
​Anne Gilman 01

“Observations, errors, + corrections” is a series of drawings I began in 2009 based on observations of the environments or situations I find myself in. 

Robert Brinker by Roberto Juarez
​Robert Brinker 01

Roberto Juarez on the way that Robert Brinker’s paper cutouts balance warm, Disney-like comfort with strident sensuality.

Julie Mehretu by Lawrence Chua
Mehretu 01 Body

At the heart of Julie Mehretu’s paintings is a question about the ways in which we construct and live in the world. Perhaps that is what makes the work so radical: its willingness to unravel the conventionally given answers about the violent environment we inhabit today. 

James Welling by Devon Golden
265271895 08042015 James Welling 01 Bomb 087

In spite of his six-foot-plus height, you might easily overlook James Welling in a crowded room. With his shaggy gray hair and tortoiseshell glasses, he looks every bit the UCLA tenured professor that he is. 

Steve DiBenedetto by Dike Blair
Dibenedetto 1

Steve DiBenedetto forces a lot of perspectives into his pictures. As he puts it, “I like to put in too many skies.” 

Andrew Roy by Dona Nelson
Andrew Roy Body

Andrew Roy uses eccentric material and has a keen eye for distinct color and minute detail.

Stefan Gritsch by Marjorie Welish
237129486 02042015 Stefan Gristch Bomb 067
Emil Lukas by Not Vital
61  Lukas 01 Body
Two Works by Charles Lahti
38 Lahti 02 Body

Two untitled works, by Charles Lahti.

From Slides of a Changing Painting by Robert Gober
Bomb 10 Gober 001 Body
Zeitgeist Painting #1 by David Salle
4 Davidsalle Body
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