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Portfolio by Renee Gladman
Gladman Portfolio 01

Renee Gladman is the author of ten works of prose and poetry, most recently Calamities, a collection of essay-fictions. Her first monograph of drawings, Prose Architectures, was published by Wave Books in 2017. She lives in New England with the poet-ceremonialist Danielle Vogel.

Portfolio by Adam Pendleton
Adam Pendleton Bomb 11

Black Dada, System of Display

James Hoff by Eli Keszler

For Hoff, distribution networks serve as creative agents. Musician Eli Keszler queries the artist and publisher of Primary Information on paintings based on viruses and syndromes, and also on his pop-leaning sound works.

Shannon Ebner and Zoe Leonard
Zoe Leonard 0012

Both artists overturn photographic conventions to slow down our reading of physical and verbal landscapes. Their exchange touches on the retina, the sun, and camera obscura.

Samuel Jablon by James Hyde
Jablon 2

With exuberance, Jablon’s paintings tell the story of their own making. They are what they are by showing how they got there and how they take up their subject—and that subject is text.

Portfolio by Horst Ademeit
Horst Ademeit 01

Discovered shortly before his death, Ademeit’s work is composed of photographs and annotations that tell the story of an individual undergoing an emotional crisis and attempting to establish a sense of order in a world that he considered to be chaotic.

Oscar Murillo by Legacy Russell
Murillo 01

When I meet Oscar Murillo for the first time, it is in Central London. Murillo lives and works in East London.

Portfolio by Anne GIlman
​Anne Gilman 01

“Observations, errors, + corrections” is a series of drawings I began in 2009 based on observations of the environments or situations I find myself in. 

Portfolio by Bjorn Copeland
​Bjorn Copeland 1
Suzanne McClelland by Barry Schwabsky
Mcclelland 3

Painter Suzanne McClelland discusses visual acoustics, marginal language and musical references with poet Barry Schwabsky.

Portfolio: From Various Music For a While by Elena Berriolo
Elena Berriolo 1

This First Proof contains two pieces by Elena Berriolo, from Various Music For a While.

Shifting Connections: Joseph Kosuth by Kathleen MacQueen
Kosuth1 Body

Shifting Connections continues with writer and critic Kathleen MacQueen’s take on Joseph Kosuth’s new installation at Sean Kelly Gallery, on view through April 30th.

Portfolio by Judith Hudson
113 Fp Hudson 01 Body
BOMB Specific by Franklin Evans

The image of a lone tree in a desolate landscape, which I saw in a printed photograph, has become a recurring motif in my work, including my recent exhibition 2008 / 2009 < 2009 / 2010 at Sue Scott Gallery, where the image in different forms populated the walls and floors of the installation.

Allen Ruppersberg by Cheryl Donegan
Singing Posters

The peripatetic conceptualist (Where’s Al?) talks with artist Cheryl Donegan about Ginsberg’s Howl, the reanimated past, and the overlooked poetry of authorless signage.

Wendy White by ​Kris Chatterson
Wendy White 01

Kris Chatterson explores the raw, brash, confident paintings of Wendy White.

 Raymond Pettibon by Grady T. Turner
Raymond Pettibon 01

Raymond Pettibon found his calling as an artist at about the same time punk hit Los Angeles in 1978.

Joshua Neustein by Kristine Stiles
57 Neustein 01 Body

Speaking through materials, Joshua Neustein recalls cultural memory and history. His elegant and earthy installation Light on Ashes does just this.

Stain Novella by David Humphrey
Bomb 52 Humphrey 001 Body
Two Drawings by Paul Dickerson
Bomb 51 Dickerson1 Body
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