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John Newman and B. Wurtz
Newman 3 Body
John Newman and B. Wurtz
Newman 3 Body
Fight Club: Richard Siken by Legacy Russell
Sikendarkness Body

In conversation with poet Richard Siken, be prepared to bleed a little.

Vladimir Cybil by Jerry Philogene
Vladimir Cybil 01 Bomb 090

Born in Haiti and raised in the US, Vladimir Cybil juxtaposes culturally specific symbols and techniques to carve out an interstitial space. Scholar Jerry Philogene talks with Cybil about the visual bilingualism in her paintings and installations.

Julie Langsam by Saul Ostrow
Julie Langsam 01

Painter Julie Langsam suggests the failures of two artistic movements—Romanticism and modernism—through her use of non-traditional landscape styles.

Rona Pondick by George Fifield

Perhaps too much has been made of the psychoanalytic content lurking under the surface of Rona Pondick’s simultaneously shadowy and intensely palpable objects. 

Sarah Charlesworth by Betsy Sussler
Charlesworth 01 Body

“Making an art work involves the transformation of matter, paper and materials into a process of animation or psychic elevation of material stuff.”

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