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The Opposite of Science Is Magic by Rachael Rakes
How To Fix The World 2

Rachael Rakes on Jacqueline Goss’s video art and new film The Observers.

Louise Belcourt by Joanne Greenbaum
Yang Fudong by Li Zhenhua
Fudong 3

Yang Fudong, known for his his elegant, puzzle-like films, speaks with curator Li Zhenhua about his latest project The Fifth Night.

The Same Now: Johannesburg to New York by Brittnee King
Mocada11 Body

Johannesburg to New York, a joint exhibition by Samson Mnisi and Cannon Hersey, at the Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts succeeds, ultimately, at inspiring unity.

Dirty Realism: Reichardt on Ice by Annie Dewitt
Reichardt 01 Body

Annie Dewitt reviews Kelly Reichardt’s new film, Wendy and Lucy.

Harmony Korine by Richard Bishop
Korine 01 Body

“I want the movie to be a living thing. I like the mistakes. I encourage the actors to go off and improvise and improve upon their characters. I like it when it’s a bit chaotic.”

A House by Gabriella De Ferrari

She rented the old house on an impulse. It was too big and too far away but she rented it anyway. The owners wanted to meet her.

Oliver Boberg by Amanda Means
Boberg 01 Body

The process of making photographs is full of mind twists: upside downs, downside ups, negatives/positives, blacks/whites…The camera sees with a lens that projects an upside-down image on the ground glass of a view camera. 

The Wandering Mind: Journals and Diaries by Oliver Herring
54 Herring01 Body

April 1995 I was among 100 artists from around the world invited to participate in a three week long exhibition to honor lsrael’s “Year of Peace.” Construction in Process—Coexistence took place in and around Mitzpe-Ramon, a small desert town on the edge of the world’s largest crater.

Empire of Dreams by Giannina Braschi

Now I laugh at everything and not for the irony. 

Red Dream by Maya Borisova

I am sleeping in the middle of a desert
on sackcloth, on hot sand

The Colorist by Susan Daitch
Fariba Hajamadi 01

Pictures which pose a threat, present danger, belie codes, give away information, the camera never lies. 

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