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The Art Happens Here: Net Art’s Archival Poetics by Olivia Gauthier
Net Art1

Presenting a canon of net art.

The Art Happens Here: Net Art’s Archival Poetics by Olivia Gauthier
Net Art1

Presenting a canon of net art.

Florian Meisenberg by Peter Rostovsky
Screenshot 2018 09 11 10 46 07

While taking a road trip across the US, the German artist reveals how digital technology, humor, and the human body inform his paintings and installations.

End Page by Jordan Seiler
Jordan Seiler End Page
Portfolio by William Wolfgang Wunderbar
Wwwbomb 00001

WWW highly enjoys collaborations and co-creation and is currently involved in the project Perfect Users: a remix group that reflects on using-in-general and digital anthropology (or not).

Laura Kurgan by Noah Chasin
Laura Kurgan Bomb 01

An architect talks about her data maps of urban conflict from Brooklyn to Aleppo.

Trevor Paglen & Jacob Appelbaum
Paglen Bomb 01

“The Internet is a predatory network that is, on one side, potentially a very coercive tool of totalitarian power and, on the other side, a tool that will increasingly be used to allocate rights and privileges through commercial means. Can we envision a different kind of network?”

Igor Štromajer & Annie Abrahams by Gretta Louw
KERNEL by Louis Doulas

A collective of three artists on their installations, a fusion of technology, architecture, the Internet, and real-life materials.

Portfolio by David Horvitz

A collection of new, old, and ongoing works.

Portfolio by Justin Berry

A new web-based work considers the online landscape.

Portfolio by Alma Alloro

New works by Alma Alloro

Andrew Durbin by Jacob Forrest Severn
Todd Hido 1

Poet Andrew Durbin on celebrities, the real, and living online.

Paper Clip #31
Iggy Pop By Esther Friedman

Paper Clip is a weekly compilation of online articles, artifacts and other—old, new, and sometimes BOMB-related. by Sophie Buonomo
Hotel Art 1 on guerrilla-style curating, online galleries and why we really go to art openings.

Amy Adler by Legacy Russell
Julia Felsenthal portrait

Amy Adler on artist’s rights, the impact of conceptual art on law, and Texts from Hillary.

Wichman Cometh by Levi Rubeck
Chateau Wichman Cover Body

Levi Rubeck talks about Ben Pease’s poetry channeling new digital media, personal history and psyche, and science fiction movies in his latest book of poetry Wichman Cometh.

Revealing Jon Rafman by Lindsay Howard
Ufo Koolaid

Netartist Jon Rafman’s Kool-Aid Man avatar is one of his primary characters, taking appointments and leading tours through Second Life worlds both utopian and fetishistic, as well as starring in still images and films directed by Rafman himself, which humorously contrast the avatar’s round red body with the super-sexy alter egos more commonly seen in Second Life. He speaks with Lindsay Howard about his work. Featuring an original Kool Aid Man in Second Life video!

Darren Bader by Jenny Borland

Bader devises a unique participatory environment which at first, the viewer (or reader) may not even register being a part of.

Second Life’s Ars Virtua by Penelope Umbrico
​Still from Looks Very Tidy

Joining the online virtual world Second Life requires choosing an avatar, which can be customized if you know what you’re doing. I didn’t, so my choice of the default “girl next door” was more a choice not to be “cybergoth” or “Harajuku.” 

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