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Reflections of Desire: Vikky Alexander Interviewed by Alison Sinkewicz
Vikky Alexander1

Installations and photographs that investigate the self and consumerism.

Reflections of Desire: Vikky Alexander Interviewed by Alison Sinkewicz
Vikky Alexander1

Installations and photographs that investigate the self and consumerism.

Sarah Oppenheimer by Alexander Galloway
Sarah Oppenheimer 05 Bomb 137

Open floor plans are less open than we think—and ripe for intervention. Oppenheimer’s latest effort is on view at the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

Marina Rosenfeld by Tristan Shepherd
Marina Rosenfeld 01 Bomb 137

The artist and composer stages her latest entanglement of bodies, spaces, and sounds at the Biennale de Montréal this October.

Giuliana Bruno by Sarah Oppenheimer
Anthony Mccall Long Film For Four Projectors

Navigating the concentric interiors of the Glass Pavilion at the Toledo Museum of Art, the building unfolds along a serpentine walkway. Through the museum’s glass walls, the view opens uninterrupted. 

Inner Views, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Studio Museum in Harlem by Patricia Spears Jones
Zwelethu Mthethwa 01

An exhibition of photographs from three series, exploring absence, decomposition and dislocation. Shot in Cape Town and New Orleans, subjects vary from migrants in their intimate spaces, empty beds, and ruined houses.

Christopher Payne’s Asylum: Inside the Closed World of State Mental Hospitals by Peter Moysaenko
Article 4814  Christopher Payne

From the destruction of King George’s likeness at Bowling Green, to the paving over of Native American earthworks, to the debasement of Penn Station and the ongoing disappearing acts of ballparks and churches, it’s becoming more and more clear that American architecture is an architecture of impermanence.

Portfolio by Bill Jacobson
Fp 107 Jacobsoncover Body
Lucia Koch by Mário Ramiro
Lucia Koch 01

Artist Mário Ramiro on the work of Lucia Koch. WEB EXTRA: Watch Koch’s collaborative animation, Olinda-Celeste!

Mamma Andersson by Christian Hawkey
Andersson 01

Brooklyn poet Christian Hawkey and Swedish painter Mamma Andersson begin this correspondence with a rumination on memory, architecture, and turtles.

Robert Polidori by Michèle Gerber Klein
Polidori03 Body

“What we are looking at in these museum restorations is the society’s superego, what a society thinks of itself, and how it thinks it should be seen by itself. This is what individuals do to a room. Again this same theme. It’s the exteriorization of the soul life or of personal values.”

Zaha Hadid by Cheryl Kaplan
Hadid 1

If you go to Rome and ask about Zaha Hadid’s plans for the new Centre for Contemporary Arts, people respond, “Yes, she’s got the commission, but will the building be built?” An architect’s worst nightmare? Probably.

Pipilotti Rist by Abby Goldstein
Rist 07 Body

Pipilotti Rist is a master at combining environments, imagery, sound, and video to create an alternate reality.

Adam Bartos by Betsy Sussler
256275353 02062015 Adam Bartos 01 Bomb 068
Lorna Simpson by Coco Fusco
Bomb61 Lorna Simpson 01

Artist Lorna Simpson has turned from photography to film, creating three-dimensional installations on voyeurism, betrayal and desire. She has returned to photography for her show, Gathered, up at the Brooklyn Museum through Aug. 21.

Tunnels by James Casebere

This First Proof contains Casebere’s photograph Tunnels, 1995. Courtesy of the Artist.

Two Photographs by Seton Smith
39 Smith 01 Body
Zooligisches Museum by Candida Hofer
34 Hofer Body

Installation view of Zooligisches Museum by Candida Hofer.

The Secrets of Sunset Beach by Susan Hiller
Susan Hiller Bomb 34

Susan Hiller’s Secrets of Sunset Beach from her 1987–90 photoseries.

David Deutsch by Georgia Marsh
Deutsch 04 Body

Georgia Marsh and David Deutsch discuss obsession, planetariums, and the elusive relationship between interior and exterior spaces in his work.

Innenraum by Anselm Kiefer
Anselm Keifer 01
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