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Faith and Technology: Joey Holder Interviewed by Caroline Elbaor
Joey Holder1

A multi-screen installation investigates the nature of truth and information.

MPA by Harry Dodge
108982157 05182016 Mpa Bomb 5

“Mourning the Earth.”

Gary Simmons by Jodie Bass
Gary Simmons 01

Building a mutable sound system with found materials.

Bethany Ides by Suzanne Joelson
Ides 6

For the past decade my sense of Bethany Ides’s work was based on hearsay, bits and scraps, or long distance perception.

Paweł Althamer by Nell McClister
Paweł Althamer 01

The Polish artist recently mounted a new participatory installation on Hydra Island in Greece, where Nell McClister prompted him to talk about the core of his collaborative projects: community, experimentation, and spirituality.

Portfolio by Ricardo Miranda Zuniga

Helsinki Web Sketches are a series of graphic compositions assembled from images shot during an artist residency at HIAP—Helsinki International Artist Programme, Summer, 2013.

Andrea Ray by Matthew Buckingham
Utopians Dance 1

Andrea Ray speaks to Matthew Buckingham about 19th century sexual freedom, the caring economy and her recent exhibition, Utopians Dance.

My Barbarian by Andrea Fraser
My Barbarian 1

Brecht’s estrangement, Artaud’s ritual theatre, Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed, and camp inform My Barbarian’s performance work: an investigation of what constitutes transformative cultural practice.

Michael Portnoy by Jovana Stokić
​Michael Portnoy 1

The artist discusses abstract games, the dangers of Relational Aesthetics and Portnoy’s recent participatory work 27 Gnosis.

Andrea Blum by pamela lins
Andrea Blum 1 Body

This fictional site operates simultaneously with our everyday lives. It is a place where relationships unfold in time, and structures unfold in space; lying together they suggest the abstract material of sociability. These formations are the relatives of architecture, the turf of Andrea Blum’s work.

Luis Camnitzer by Alejandro Cesarco
05 This Is A Mirror You Are A Written Sentence Body
Jejune Institute and Elsewhere by Christine Lagorio
Article 4819  Jejune Institute

Departing a clandestine appointment in a San Francisco office tower, Jejune Institute inductees puzzle over an encrypted instruction key.

PERFORMA09 Week 2 Round Up by Thom Donovan
Performa week 2

Alexandre Singh’s “The Alkahest,” Omer Fast’s “Talk Show,” Shana Moulton’s “Erratic Anthropologies,” and Tan Lin’s “Chalk Playground”/”LitTwitChalk”

Bomb on the Scene: Roman Ondák’s Measuring the Universe at MoMA by Richard J. Goldstein & Hannah Kahng

Richard J. Goldstein and Hannah Kahng interview Roman Ondák about his installation Measuring the Universe at MOMA.

Version Fest by Melissa Potter
Article 4847  Joe Baldwin

Having just celebrated its eighth incarnation last April and May, Chicago’s Version Fest is a 10-day mash-up of curatorial projects, public interventions, musical events, and academic forums.

Pedro Reyes by Tatiana Cuevas
Reyes 01 Body

Pedro Reyes works within a complex system of associations that defies our assumptions about the ways in which knowledge is categorized and legitimized. 

Liz Larner by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe
Larner 01

The crowd at the December, 2001 opening of Liz Larner’s show at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles was enormous. 

Janet Cardiff by Atom Egoyan
Cardiff 01 Body

The first work of Janet Cardiff’s I encountered was Whispering Room. I entered a room at the Art Gallery of Ontario where a series of audio speakers mounted on thin metal stands emitted a soft murmur of conversation. 

Peter Campus by John Hanhardt
Campus 10 Body

Peter Campus, seminal artist of alternative media, returns to video in his series, Video Ergo Sum. Less conceptual than his earlier work, more personal and unabashedly beautiful, the piece reflect his ongoing investigation into the perception of self.

Matthew Ritchie by Jenifer Berman
Ritchie 01 Body

Artist Matthew Ritchie’s “project”—his paintings, sculptures and website—fuses myth, science and a host of funny-headed characters into a brave, new interactive world.

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