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On the Clock with Amanda Ross-Ho by John Yau
Amanda Ross Ho 01

The gallery as studio.

Iman Issa by Andrew Weiner
Iman Issa Bomb Magazine 01

A New York- and Cairo-based artist unpacks her understanding of heritage and how it can operate in contemporary art.

Sarah Oppenheimer by Alexander Galloway
Sarah Oppenheimer 05 Bomb 137

Open floor plans are less open than we think—and ripe for intervention. Oppenheimer’s latest effort is on view at the Pérez Art Museum Miami.

Javier Téllez’s To Have Done with the Judgment of God by Silvia Benedetti
520719196 06092016 Javier Tellez Bomb 1

Venezuelan-born artist Javier Téllez’s first exhibition at Koenig & Clinton took its title from his recent film To Have Done with the Judgment of God (2016) and concerns an experience that marked Antonin Artaud’s life in 1936: the author’s encounter with the Rarámuri community living in the Sierra Tarahumara in northwest Mexico.

MPA by Harry Dodge
108982157 05182016 Mpa Bomb 5

“Mourning the Earth.”

Brennan Gerard & Ryan Kelly by Jenn Joy
KERNEL by Louis Doulas
kernel 1

A collective of three artists on their installations, a fusion of technology, architecture, the Internet, and real-life materials.

Prem Krishnamurthy by Zachary Sachs

Prem Krishnamurthy discusses Chinatown storefronts, the importance of friction, and “P” words.

Cheryl Donegan by Sam Korman

Cheryl Donegan discusses video, sculpture-eating rats, and the myth that every choice we make is actually the right one.

Park McArthur by Jennifer Burris
Park McArthur 01

In her new exhibition Ramps, artist Park McArthur considers access as more than a public policy question—it’s a physical property.

Eli Keszler by Michael Barron
Eli Keszler

Eli Kezler on endless installations, raw composition, and the spatial limitations of large-scale art.

Abraham Cruzvillegas by Haegue Yang
Cruzvillegas 1

Before I met Abraham Cruzvillegas, more than once I’d heard curator Clara Kim mention in passing that he was a special person. This piqued my curiosity.

Martin Kippenberger: Sehr Gut | Very Good by Karen Rester
07 Kippenberger Ohnetitel Body

Karen Rester reviews the first museum exhibition of Martin “Kippy” Kippenberger’s work in Berlin, considering his playful legacy in this new context.

Haim Steinbach by Peter Schwenger
417605715 02242015 Haim Steinbach 1 Body

“We are conditioned, we have invented tools for ourselves to function in a more immediate and direct way without having to think about it too much—we sometimes forget to stop and ask ourselves: What are we looking at?”

K8 Hardy by Ariana Reines
Hardy 14 Body

The obsession with documentation and online sharing might have caused K8 Hardy to press pause on performing, at least for now. Hardy discusses, with poet Raines, the runway show she’s producing for the Whitney Biennial.

Will Corwin by Eve Sussman
Will Corwin

In anticipation of the culmination of Will Corwin’s Clocktower residency, artist Eve Sussman queried him about his take on futility and repetition and his interest in architectural interventions.

John von Bergen by Samuel Jablon
John Von Bergen 1

Sculptor and installation artist John von Bergen pulls the emotional and cerebral trigger. Samuel Jablon speaks with him here re: site-transience, urban claustrophobia, and the so-called “honesty of materiality.”

Joanna Malinowska by Jimbo Blachly
Boli 1 Body

Dazed from lack of sleep, I entered CANADA on Chrystie Street one afternoon to see Malinowska’s exhibition Time of Guerrilla Metaphysics

Dread Scott by Nick Stillman
Dread Scott 1

Scott’s provocative work challenges pedestrians in Philadelphia’s bustling Logan Square to consider the fate of local high schoolers will be on view through November.

Chris Lipomi by Kathryn Andrews
Chris Lipomi 01

Kathryn Andrews on Chris Lipomi’s shockingly expansive and daring self-installation The Cave Project.

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