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Excerpt from Netsuke: A Novel by Rikki Ducornet
Ducornet 01

A psychoanalyst interacts with three people: his wife, Akiko, and two patients: Kat, whom he also calls The Cutter, and David Swancourt. He receives these patients in his new office, Spells.

Ventriloquy by Christopher Sorrentino

This First Proof contains the short story “Ventriloquy.”

Mrs. Dellums Speaks by Solon Timothy Woodward

This First Proof contains the story “Mrs. Dellums Speaks.”

Dutch Boy 32-V by Michael Martone

This First Proof contains the short story “Dutch Boy 32-V.”

You Are Here by Donald Breckenridge

First Friday in June

Perdido by Gilbert Sorrentino

In 1953, or early 1954, Dan Burke was seeing, as they used to say, Claire Walsh, who was pregnant by another man, a lummox known as “Swede” to his lummox friends. 

Betrayal by Hilary Sio

All Souls’ Day, November 2nd, 1990.

Spider by Patrick McGrath

My father’s relationship with Hilda Wilkinson properly began when he went to work on her pipes.

Delivery by Elizabeth McBride

When the UPS man climbed the steps, tapped on the door, propped his foot up on the teak threshold, I signed on line 39 although the package was crumpled, although I suspected the shells were cracked inside. 

The Sleeping Pills of the World (From the Desk of Bonnie Silvers) by Harry Kondoleon
​Harry Kondoleon

Haven’t you done this?

Blood Disease by Patrick McGrath

This is probably how it happened: William Clack-Herman, the anthropologist (popularly known as ‘Congo Bill’) was doing field research on the kinship systems of the pygmies of the equatorial rain forest. 

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