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Venkatachalam Saravanan by Amit Dutta

An international chess master and a filmmaker play a match while discussing the art of the game and its history in India.

Amit Dutta by Shambhavi Kaul
Dutta Amit 01

The filmmaker tracks the development of his research-based cinema from evocations of childhood memory to adaptations of Indian paintings and literature.

Invisible Labors: Rahul Jain’s Machines by Kanishka Raja
Rahul Jain Bomb 1

A documentary on the brutality behind India’s textile factories.

Raam Reddy by Daniel Kasman
119610168 04252016 Reddy Bomb 02

“Freedom and bondage I find interesting. Or purity—and a contrast to that purity.”

Chaitanya Tamhane by Liza Béar
Chaitanya Tamhane 1

“It’s a different kind of terror when you’re constantly being arrested. Your mind starts exercising self-censorship on its own.”

East is East by Bette Gordon

Bette Gordon discusses all of the ways that East is East succeeds as a great work of cinema: it’s funny, warm, fresh and complex, with a outstanding performances to boot.

Santosh Sivan’s The Terrorist by Max Winter
Santosh Sivan

The Terrorist directed by Santosh Sivan focuses on the complex moral and philosophical struggle of a prime minister’s assassin during the days leading up to the event.

Srinivas Krishna by Lawrence Chua
150539369 10202015 Krisna Srinivas 01 Bomb 043 Jpg

“I hear this all the time in places like New York. People say, ‘Yes, I’m an artist but I don’t have that much time anymore because I’m also a psychologist, and a novelist, and a yoga teacher.’ To that I say, ‘Actually, all you are is a fucked up, displaced human being.’” Srinivas Krishna

Ketan Mehta by Ameena Meer
Mehta 01 Body

“The power of cinema lies in its ability to cut across social barriers. That’s what we’ve been trying to do. Literacy is not necessary—the upper classes should not be the guides for you to understand and appreciate a film. It has to be direct human contact. It can communicate with the psyche.”

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