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Distant Cousin by Federico Vegas

This First Proof contains an excerpt from Distant Cousin by Federico Vegas, translated by Lisa Dillman.

Incognito with My Brother by Karen Shepard

I count the number of times he’s left me. I categorize them in a journal. “Accidental” means couldn’t be helped. “Voluntary” means the ones I hold him responsible for. 

Gary Indiana’s Depraved Indifference by Suzan Sherman
Gary Indiana 01

In his satiric novel Depraved Indifference, Gary Indiana fictionalizes the incestuous, murderous, disguise-toting grifter team of Kenneth and Sante Kimes, mixing their story with excerpts of letters from Arendt and Kafka.

La Zona Roja by Mark Jude Poirier

We were cheap-ass perverts, Beezer and me. 

Tim Roth by Gary M. Kramer & Steve Buscemi
Tim Roth 01 Bomb 059

Fellow actors Tim Roth and Steve Buscemi get together over beers to catch up. Way before Tarantino let him loose in Reservoir Dogs, Roth already had a string of electrifying performances in some of England’s most daring films.

Sapphire by Kelvin Christopher James
Sapphire 02 Body

Written in a young girl’s unschooled voice, Push (Knopf) is a harrowing story of a brutalized child’s journey to redemption and relevance. It’s a searing indictment. A sensational read.

Cornsilk by Randall Kenan

I sit here. I sit here thinking hard about the smell of menstrual blood. 

On My Birthday by Benjamin Weissman

The first thing I think when I wake up in the morning is how much I love school.

Blood Disease by Patrick McGrath

This is probably how it happened: William Clack-Herman, the anthropologist (popularly known as ‘Congo Bill’) was doing field research on the kinship systems of the pygmies of the equatorial rain forest. 

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