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Laura Kurgan by Noah Chasin
Laura Kurgan Bomb 01

An architect talks about her data maps of urban conflict from Brooklyn to Aleppo.

Maíra Bühler & Matias Mariani by Gary M. Kramer
Maira Buhler Matias Mariani 1

“He needed to know everything about her, and we went beyond his narrative—into his hard drive—to know everything about him.”

Dolan Morgan by J.T. Price
Bioluminescent Organisms

Freedom, negation, and marine zoology.

Atticus Lish by Jesse Barron
Atticus Lish

Hardship, the borough of Queens, and new American pilgrims.

Art on Alcatraz by Tess Thackara
Cyanotype 08 Crc Body

California’s Arts-In-Corrections program offers new meaning to modes and methodologies of institutional critique, bringing the relationship between art and morality into focus, both inside prison walls and beyond.

Danzig Baldaev’s Drawings from the Gulag by John Reed
Danzig Baldaev 01

Danzig Baldaev, hired by the KGB to document tattoo symbolism within the Russian penal system, secretly sketched the atrocities inflicted on political prisoners. The drawings are now published in Drawings from the Gulag.

Trevor Paglen by Aaron Gach
Trevor Paglen

Whether sneaking into maximum-security prisons or leading unauthorized expeditions to secret military bases, Trevor Paglen combines rigorous research with aesthetic savvy. 

 Jimmy Santiago Baca by Adam Fuss
Baca 01 Body

Jimmy’s partner, Stacy, had given birth only a few days before I flew to Albuquerque to meet him, so I felt touched that he could find the time for me. 

Business for the Millennium by Rodrigo Rey Rosa
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