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Results, Concrete: Carly Mandel Interviewed by Kerry Doran

Making chronic illness visible.

Knife, Paintbrush, Pen: on Elizabeth Lyons’s The Blessing of Dark Water by Gillie Collins
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Talking back to diagnosis

Belle Boggs & Mike Scalise
Bogss Scalise Bomb 1

“The perceived aversion to a male-centered illness narrative had to do with antiquated ideas about who should and shouldn’t be vulnerable to a failing body, and what that vulnerability means.”

Cynthia Hopkins by Craig Lucas
Cynthia Hopkins collage

“I don’t think about the audience. If I thought about the audience, I’d be writing Rent.”—Cynthia Hopkins

The Lowdown On Lowboy by David Varno

John Wray’s novel Lowboy has been out for a few weeks now, and the media attention has been universally enthusiastic.

Cristi Puiu’s The Death of Mr. Lazarescu by Branden King
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Cinema didn’t start with stories. It was hijacked by them. The journey from Lumière to Griffith was over before it began.

A Lepidopterist’s Tale by Daniel Waterman

This First Proof contains the story “A Lepidopterist’s Tale.”

You Are Not a Stranger Here by Adam Haslett

He has seen these cliffs before, in picture books. He has seen the wide beaches and the ruined cathedral. 

A Strange Kind of Brain Damage by Can Xue

There does indeed exist a strange kind of brain damage. I have a friend who is a housewife in her thirties. When she talks with others, her left eye will not stop blinking.

The Affliction by Joyce Carol Oates

Always they ask of him: When did you begin? 

Eros by Patrick McGrath

I continued to function, morning surgery, rounds after lunch, evening surgery, on-call at night. It was a cold winter, and Spike was vicious.

Van by David Rattray

In the spring of 1957, some cronies and I had a supper club in the dining room of the Green Lantern, an inn on the edge of Hanover, New Hampshire, where I was a student in my senior year at Dartmouth. 

“Oh, brother!” by Elena Alexander

There I am, we are.

The Holy Ghost by Luc Sante
Tom Otterness 001

He had been waiting in the doctor’s office for so long he had begun to forget his symptoms. 

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