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The Horror Is What We Don’t Yet Know (and Maybe Never Will): Brian Evenson Interviewed by Rob Goyanes
Brian Evenson

The writer on his new short story collection, creating realistic characters that don’t always change, and how fatherhood has impacted his relationship to language.

Lens Shift: Laura van den Berg Interviewed by Mike Scalise
Laura Nyc

The author of The Third Hotel on existential noir, travel psychology, and what horror film theory can reveal about the human condition.

Embrace the Dread: A Conversation with Colin Winnette by R.O. Kwon
Benjamin Kress Double Lolz

The writer of The Job of the Wasp on horror, human evil, and writing long sentences. 

Hoaxing History by Hayden Bennett
Paul La Farge 01

Obscuring the past to get at truth in Paul La Farge’s The Night Ocean

Alex Ross Perry by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Rossperry 1

“This is not a movie that invites you to really empathize with these characters, nor is that the point.”

Michael M. Bilandic by Gary M. Kramer

The art world, horror rap, and Delaware.

Matthew Barney and Gaspar Noé
Barney 01

“My addiction has to do with performance, with creating a very real situation and then dealing with all the physical problems surrounding it.” —Matthew Barney

Denis Côté by Steve Macfarlane

Québécois filmmaker Denis Côté on filmic revenge, horror, and making a film in seven days.

Damaged Goods: John Landis by Craig Hubert
John Landis

The director’s varied career, the “wild energy” behind his films, and why he loves monsters.

Damaged Goods: Shock Value by ​Craig Hubert
Shockvalueblog Landing Page Body

Craig Hubert sits down with Jason Zinoman to discuss horror films’ capacity to enthrall, terrify, and addict audiences.

They Live by Justin McNeil
Theylive Body

“I’ve come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass. And I’m all out of bubblegum.” Justin McNeil reviews Jonathan Lethem’s non-fiction book,They Live, an examination of the movie of the same name.

A Sentimental Horror by Richard J. Goldstein
Weber 1 Body

Marnie Weber haunts the grounds of the Altadena Cemetery in her latest film/installation/performance project. Eternity Forever marks the death of her band The Spirit Girls and the birth of a new one, Fäuxmish.

Lars von Trier’s Antichrist
Article 3575 Antichrist1

When Antichrist premiered at Cannes, the Internet went buzzing.

The Primordial Cry: caraballo-farman by Kristin Prevallet
Havanafront2 600X389 Body

Poet and essayist Kristin Prevallet talks to artists caraballo-farman about their series The Heirloom Plates, part of the exhibition Iran Inside Out at the Chelsea Art Museum through September 4th.

Lars Von Trier: The Kingdom II by Maria Mackinney
64 Lars Von Trier Body

I drew my first breath at the Kingdom Hospital in Copenhagen. Many years later, my dear 94-year-old great-grandmother drew her last within those same walls, and that same year I spent my 22nd birthday there after my boyfriend had tried to open my inaugural oyster with scissors.

Larry Fessenden’s Habit by Suzan Sheman
Larry Fessenden

Habit is low budget and gritty, fitting for its setting in the lower Manhattan bars, tenement apartments, and Italian festivals of summer—you can almost smell the sausages and peppers smoldering.

Todd Haynes by Alison MacLean
Todd Haynes 01

Independent filmmakers Alison Maclean (Crush) and Todd Haynes (Poison) talk about genre busting in Haynes’s feature film Safe, about a woman who turns to New Age cures for an environmental disease.

Donna Tartt by Jill Eisenstadt
​Donna Tartt 01

College pals Donna Tartt and Jill Eisenstadt exchange campus lore and anecdotes about the novel-writing process while discussing Tartt’s The Secret History. A refreshing glance at two young writers who found early success.

David Cronenberg by Bette Gordon
Cronenberg01 Body

Cronenberg talks to Bette Gordon about the supernatural and horrific qualities of his filmography.

Gargoyle by Patrick McGrath
​Steve Wood 001

Gargoyle the dwarf slept in the sewers by day, and by night he haunted the high regions of a decaying and abandoned theater, where he concealed his ugliness beneath a cloak of darkness.

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