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Sergio Gonzalez Rodriguez’s The Femicide Machine by Ben Ehrenreich
Julia Caldera

The bodies began appearing in 1993: girls and young women, often mutilated and raped, discarded in lots and ravines on the outskirts of Ciudad Juárez.

Meyer Lansky Breaks his Silence by Zachary Lazar

Gila looked at the photographs and tried to connect them to the man she’d been secretly meeting this past year, but the pictures came from a different order of reality. 

An Occurrence at Bernal Dwellings by Scott Winokur

Winner of BOMB’s Fiction Contest, judged by Jonathan Lethem. 

The Shanghai Gesture by Gary Indiana
Gary Indiana

In celebration of Small Press Month, BOMB Magazine presents a serialized audiobook of The Shanghai Gesture, as read by the novel’s author, Gary Indiana.

Zachary Lazar by Christopher Sorrentino
Zachary Lazar 01 Bomb 103
Francisco Goldman’s The Art of Political Murder: Who Killed the Bishop? by Silvana Paternostro
Francisco Goldman

For almost a decade, Francisco Goldman lived with the obsession of answering the question posed in his latest book’s subtitle: who killed the Bishop?

Harold Schecter’s The Devil’s Gentleman by Jaime Manrique
Harold Schechter

Harold Schechter’s latest nonfiction work is an elegantly written true-crime story, rich in themes and vibrant details. 

Borges’s Dagger by Rolando Hinojosa-Smith

In Norman Thomas de Giovanni’s fine translation of Borges’s poem regarding a dagger resting in a desk drawer, a dagger, by the way, given Borges by his good friend and fellow Argentinian writer, Evaristo Carriego, Borges muses on the dagger’s lack of violent use. 

Banks Violette by Sue de Beer
Gary Indiana’s Depraved Indifference by Suzan Sherman
Gary Indiana 01

In his satiric novel Depraved Indifference, Gary Indiana fictionalizes the incestuous, murderous, disguise-toting grifter team of Kenneth and Sante Kimes, mixing their story with excerpts of letters from Arendt and Kafka.

Billy Goats by Jill McCorkle

This First Proof contains the story “Billy Goats.”

A Strange Kind of Brain Damage by Can Xue

There does indeed exist a strange kind of brain damage. I have a friend who is a housewife in her thirties. When she talks with others, her left eye will not stop blinking.

John Singleton’s Rosewood by Susan Shacter
​Ving Rhames in John Singleton's Rosewood

It’s pretty exciting when a filmmaker’s work takes a giant leap—way beyond anything he’s done before—and just blows you away with its strength, horror, and sorrowful beauty.

Dennis Cooper by Benjamin Weissman
Cooper 01 Body

This interview is featured, along with thirty-four others, in our anthology BOMB: The Author Interviews.

Richard Price by Amos Poe
30 Price 1 Body

“You have to get under the skin of a character so much more profoundly, to write about it as opposed to filming it.”

Blood Disease by Patrick McGrath

This is probably how it happened: William Clack-Herman, the anthropologist (popularly known as ‘Congo Bill’) was doing field research on the kinship systems of the pygmies of the equatorial rain forest. 

Murder in the Bog: A Mungo Stank Story by Patrick McGrath
Mark DeMuro

Ambrose Syme was a man of God and a superb classicist, perhaps the finest student of Petronious since Hugo Crub; but before I begin his tragic tale allow me to say a word or two on the subject of priest’s clothing. 

International Youth by Craig Gholson
Jun Sazuki 001

“How long have you been here?”

Cliche City by Becky Johnston
Nancy Reese 001

You are about to enter a story where the characters speak like those in cheap novels and smutty magazines; 

Oblique Meditations on Murder by Matthew Fleury

1.1. Abstract: of murder. Every human act has a purpose.

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