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Xuanjitu by Su Hui​
Su Hui Bomb 01

(The Map of the Armillary Sphere)

Xuanjitu by Su Hui​
Su Hui Bomb 01

(The Map of the Armillary Sphere)

Two Poems by Bill Berkson

A woman has fallen the museum guard
Tells us in a light blue turban plus dark suit
And tie required of all the Getty guards

Heimrad Bäcker’s Transcript by Vanessa Place
Article 4826 Backer Copyright Linschinger

Adorno wrote that there could be no lyric poetry after Auschwitz; Duchamp made art an afterword.

Carama by Igor Barreto

This First Proof contains an excerpt from Carama by Igor Barreto, translated by Brandon Holmquest.

Survivor: Poetry Edition by Susie DeFord
Survivor 01

Campbell McGrath’s latest collection, Shannon, is a book-length poetic narrative about George Shannon.

Kristin Palm’s The Straits by Mónica de la Torre​
The Straits

“Vocal Executive Chides Critics of Detroit” reads a recent New York Times headline, confirming a synecdoche firmly engrained in the American imagination substituting industry for place. 

Seven Poems by Anne Carson
​Todd Watts

Seven “Short Talks” on topics such as Chromo-luminarism, Major and Minor, Geisha, Vicuñas, Trout, The Rules of Perspective, and Homo Sapiens by Anne Carson.

Three Poems by Alexis Ramírez

In reality the degree of cross-eyedness Columbus suffered isn’t important.

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