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Fire and Smoke: Pink Siifu Interviewed by Branden W. Joseph
Negro Deluxe Pink Siifu1

New music, videos, and visuals from the multidisciplinary artist.

Fire and Smoke: Pink Siifu Interviewed by Branden W. Joseph
Negro Deluxe Pink Siifu1

New music, videos, and visuals from the multidisciplinary artist.

Rion Amilcar Scott by Lincoln Michel
The World Doesnt Require You Bomb Magazine

The World Doesn’t Require You, with its fabulist interrogations of American history, imagines a Maryland town founded by members of the only successful American slave revolt.

The Ruckus of Our Shared Living: Hanif Abdurraqib Interviewed by Ryan Spencer
Cover Hi Go Ahead In The Rain

The writer discusses his personal, political, and critical assessment of hip-hop’s golden age. 

Architecture as Metaphor: William Forsythe and Tino Sehgal at A Prelude to The Shed by Cory Nakasue
Shed Prelude 01

A taste of what’s to come at Manhattan’s new space for multidisciplinary programming.

Looking Back on 2017: Music
Looking Back 2017 Music

Featuring selections by Jem Cohen, Keith Connolly, Britton Powell, Alan Courtis, Byron Westbrook, and more.

Little Wings by Tobias Carroll
Little Wings 01

“Lil Wayne explains a blade of grass.”

Aby Ngana Diop’s Liital by Boima Tucker

This is the type of record that will slap cultural essentialists in the face.

Paper Clip #30 by Jacob Forrest Severn
​Tupac Hologram​

Paper Clip is a weekly compilation of online articles, artifacts and other—old, new, and sometimes BOMB-related.

Kassidy Chism and Fountain by Jenn Joy
Jeremy Wade 01

Jenn Joy is confronted by the distorted anatomy and face of Heather Kravas’s Kassidy Chism.

Verbal Diplomacy: Juelz Santana and Rap’s Response to 9/11 by Paul Devlin
Juelz santana

What did that most verbose of all musical art forms have to say about the defining event of the last decade? Many rappers said a little, while one rapper said a lot. Juelz Santana, unknown on Sept. 11, 2001, has proved for better or worse to be its chief memorializer in hip-hop.

Atlanta: Hip Hop and the South by Richard Maxwell
Atlanta Hip Hop and the South 01

Michael Schmelling made a book called Atlanta, a photo book about the Atlanta hip-hop scene. Then Richard Maxwell wrote a review of it.

Noisemakers Featuring Talib Kweli At 92YTribeca by Matthew Goodman
Noisemakers 1

On first impression, Noisemakers was simple, a sort of a homespun, basement version of Inside the Actor’s Studio.

The Fly Girlz: Da’ Brats From Da’ Ville by Cameron Shaw
Article 4830 Web   Toc

In 1985, Sandy Denton and Cheryl James were working dead-end jobs at Sears when Hurby Azor, a coworker and audio production student, asked for help on a college project. 

Rennie Harris on Hip Hop and Dance
Article 4668 R Harris Photo Karli Cadel

International Hip-Hop choreographer Rennie Harris on his inspiration and education through dance.

Aesop Rock’s Fast Cars, Danger, Fire, and Knives: The Living Human Curiosity Sideshow by Nick Stillman
Aesop Rock Body

The handsome, CD-size book of lyrics accompanying Aesop Rock’s new EP Fast Cars, Danger, Fire, and Knives is titled The Living Human Curiosity Sideshow, an apt caption for a rapper whose 1999 debut album Float became an underground classic so instantly that by his next album he would rap, “Dwarfed by the lights, bewildered by the fan base, bound by an idea but skeptical of the handshakes.”

El-P by Matthew Shipp
El P 01 Body

As a jazz musician always looking for cutting-edge, exciting, and thoughtful collaborators to expand my concept of music with, I was instantly struck by rapper and producer El-P, aka Jaime Meline, when I met him last year.

Danny Hoch’s Jails, Hospitals, and Hip Hop by Mark Magill
64 Danny Hoch Homepage

Danny Hoch hauled his one-man entourage to the room upstairs at PS122 for a solo performance of Jails, Hospitals, and Hip-Hop.

Brooklyn Moon Cafe Poets by Zoë Anglesey

This First Proof contains a written reflection on featured Brooklyn Moon Cafe Poets by Zoë Anglesey.

Paul Beatty by Christian Haye
896474875 10092015 Beatty Paul 01 Bomb 047

“They saw that poetry had something to add to the world, but they also feel that they’re owed.”
 Paul Beatty

Kid Capri by Lynn Geller
Capri 01 Body

“If the beats ain’t right, you ain’t right. But I can take a little bit of one thing and make it big. You can give me anything and I’ll know what to do with it.”

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