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Simyon by Etgar Keret

Two people were standing at the door. 

Simyon by Etgar Keret

Two people were standing at the door. 

Peter Cole by Ben Lerner
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“I used to want to separate the poet from the translator in me, but that’s no longer possible, nor is it desirable. On the contrary.” 

Peter Cole’s The Dream of the Poem by Esther Allen
Peter Cole 01

The year Columbus found and founded our New World also marked the final end of one particular Old World, the half millennium of rich coexistence and commingling of Muslim, Christian, and Jewish peoples, traditions, and languages in the south of Spain. 

The 19 Diaspora Paintings by Archie Rand

Archie Rand discusses his Diaspora Paintings and what it means to make Jewish art.

Poets of the Levant by Lee Smith

A decade ago, with the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s voyage to the New World, a lively academic debate centered on whether the date should be celebrated, or, for all that the New World’s native inhabitants had suffered, remembered in mourning. 

Housebroken by Yael Hedaya

This First Proof contains an excerpt from Housebroken. Translated by Dalya Bilu.

Amos Gitai by Minna Proctor
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With his new film Kippur, eminent Israeli director Amos Gitai plunges into the chaos of war, its exhausting senselessness, its rupture.

Three Poems by Asher Reich

A winter-haunted sky. / Icicles like stalagmites on the ground.

Aharon Appelfeld by Thomas Thornton
Aharon Appelfeld

Few fiction writers have captured the painful realities of the Holocaust as well as Israeli writer Aharon Appelfeld. He speaks here of the power of memory, the power of the spirit, and the place of religion and homeland as he has come to know it.

Portfolio: Douglas Beube by Amanda Means
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