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The Complete Stories of Leonora Carrington by Sarah Resnick
Leonora Carrington Stories Bomb Magazine 01

Carrington’s matter-of-fact presentation of the bizarre and the gruesome lends a distinctive black humor to her short stories, here collected in their entirety for the first time, including three that have never before been published.

Laurie Sheck’s A Monster’s Notes by Kimiko Hahn
Sheck A Monster's Notes

Since Victor Frankenstein first conjured the monster that assumed his surname in Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, his harrowing creation has assumed countless incarnations.

Port Mungo by Patrick McGrath

My brother could never be called a wistful man, but there was more than a whisper of nostalgia in him when he spoke about their first days in America.

Patrick McGrath’s Asylum by Betsy Sussler
​Patrick McGrath

Patrick McGrath is a master at thrusting his reader headlong into the minds of seemingly cogent and sane narrators who describe the bizarre and often mad passions of others.

Donna Tartt by Jill Eisenstadt
​Donna Tartt 01

College pals Donna Tartt and Jill Eisenstadt exchange campus lore and anecdotes about the novel-writing process while discussing Tartt’s The Secret History. A refreshing glance at two young writers who found early success.

Nick Cave by Lindzee Smith
Nick Cave Bomb 031 Sm

Bleak balladeer Nick Cave discusses his foray into fiction writing with Lindzee Smith.

Gargoyle by Patrick McGrath
​Steve Wood 001

Gargoyle the dwarf slept in the sewers by day, and by night he haunted the high regions of a decaying and abandoned theater, where he concealed his ugliness beneath a cloak of darkness.

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