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Josiah McElheny’s The Light Club and A Prism by Sabine Russ
Josiah McElheny 01

The artist Josiah McElheny has published two books that display his collaboration with artists, scholars, scientists and creative writers, offering a multitude of voices, speculations, fictions, and facts.

Christian Haub by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe
Roy Orbison Float

Christian Haub’s Floats are plexiglass constructions that are looked through as well as at. The artist discusses the place these works have in his long, underrated career.

Josiah McElheny by Gregg Bordowitz
Mcelheny 1 Body

“History has shown that universalism is a step away from totalitarianism—a deadly kind of erasure that I find horrifying. The fear of fascism undermines my sensuous relationship to those things. I often wonder, are there any other alternative aesthetics?”

Olivia Booth and Rebecca Norton by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe
Olivia Booth 01

Olivia Booth and Rebecca Norton’s works address the body directly by involving us in an involuntary relationship to interiority, in which it’s inseparable from the exterior—surface, skin, or the space in front of either.

Three Photographs by James Welling
54 Welling 1 Body
Protoplasmic Alphabet by Jill Reynolds
39 Reynolds Body

Several orb-like objects made from glass, silicone, cork and wax, Protoplasmic Alphabet by Jill Reynolds. 

Notes From Marseilles by Elenor Trifon
Trifon04 Body

Elenor Trifon gives a thorough account of her trip to Marseilles, augmenting her description of the weather patterns, cuisine, history, music, and art with whimsical details that bring her story to life.

Tear, Oval, and Step Cuts by John Torreano
153529415 06042015 Bomb 6 Torreano 33 Sm
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