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Let the Dialogue Do Something: Angela Schanelec Interviewed by Ricky D’Ambrose

The German filmmaker discusses her reductive approach.

Angela Schanelec’s I Was at Home, But… by Anthony Hawley
Ich War Zuhause Aber Angela Schanelec C Nachmittagfilm 02 Resized

Much silence fills the exquisite visual tableaus in German filmmaker Angela Schanelec’s I Was at Home, But…

Wim Wenders by Hillary Weston
Wim Wenders 1

An iconic filmmaker’s remarks on his most memorable soundtracks.

Margarethe von Trotta and Barbara Sukowa by Sabine Russ
Hannah Arendt 01

Von Trotta and actress Barbara Sukowa discuss their history together, the role of radical women in Germany and their latest film, Hannah Arendt.

World on a Wire by Alec Meacham
World on a Wire 1

Nearly four decades after its release, Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s sci-fi epic, World on a Wire, has been digitally remastered by cinematographer Michael Ballhaus, and is currently screening at the Independent Film Channel Center in Lower Manhattan.

Run Lola Run
Run Lola Run

Lola has 20 minutes to raise 100,000 marks and rescue her true love from the mob … 20 minutes and four different ways the story could turn out.

Percy Adlon by Lance Loud
Adlon 01 Body

At the hands of Filmmaker Percy Adlon, ordinary events are transformed into colorful cinematic adventures. With the help of actress and muse, Marianne Saegbrecht, his story Rosalie Goes Shopping is brought to life on the silver screen.

Volker Schlondorff by Claudia Steinberg
Schlondorff 01 Body

Volker Schlondorff has made a name for himself adapting the works of literary giants like Proust, Grass, and Atwood. He speaks with Claudia Steinberg on the eve of German Reunification.

Alexander Kluge by Gary Indiana
 Kluge 01

Filmmaker Alexander Kluge delves into the cultural significance of film and television with Gary Indiana in this 1989 conversation. A series of Kluge’s films is currently screening at Spectacle Theater in Brooklyn.

Apropos: Daniel Schmid by Gary Indiana
​Daniel Schmid

The films of Daniel Schmid elaborate the sensual fantasies people call forth to veil reality, a response of desire to exigencies of the social order. 

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