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Four Poems by Greg Nissan
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Overcast cobalt, tile unbolted, pictures / On loan require empty space / Like an expletive. Grisaille pigeons, / Endemic to our swamp of / Commission.

Four Poems by Greg Nissan
Nissan Banner

Overcast cobalt, tile unbolted, pictures / On loan require empty space / Like an expletive. Grisaille pigeons, / Endemic to our swamp of / Commission.

Unerased History: Provocations: Anselm Kiefer at The Met Breuer by Jonelle Mannion

An exhibition of works on paper by the major German artist.

Conversation Smudging: Sophie Seita on Translating Uljana Wolf by Zoe Brezsny
Sophie Seita Banner

“The book can draw in different audiences without catering to them. There’s a kind of rigorous hospitality, an aperture for dialogue.”

The Snows of Venice by Ben Lerner

Slow sonnets for Alexander Kluge

A Familienaufstellung Performance by Chloe Piene
120341763 01032017 Chloe Piene Bomb 01

Often translated as “Family Constellation,” Familienaufstellung is a form of therapy developed in the 1990s by the German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger with roots in existential psychology, Gestalt psychology, and psychodynamic therapy.

Nell Zink by Keith Gessen
Nell Zink 01 Bomb 137

Nicotine, the author’s third novel in as many years, dives into the world of East Coast anarchists.

It’s Private by Eric Ellingsen
Desiree Des

That’s what we said. At the Ows-land-er-be-horde, the office for foreigners, pantheon of come backs of stays of goes, place to renew and apply.

Tomi Ungerer by Natalie Frank
Tomi Ungerer Fornicon

“It’s so important to make your own little specks of peace around you. It’s a matter of being an idiot.”

Neo Rauch by Sabine Russ
Rauch Marina

“A precisely aimed reach into the immeasurable flow of things.”

Ingo Schulze by Eliot Weinberger
Schulze Ingo Final Body

“Anyone who has ever visited a slum knows that the worst part is not the wretched shacks, the dust, the rusty water tanks, the crowds of people, crime, etcetera, but the smell.”

World on a Wire by Alec Meacham
World on a Wire 1

Nearly four decades after its release, Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s sci-fi epic, World on a Wire, has been digitally remastered by cinematographer Michael Ballhaus, and is currently screening at the Independent Film Channel Center in Lower Manhattan.

Monika Baer by Laura Bruce
Article 3644 2  Mb  Kleine Spritztour 2001

Looking at Monika Baer’s drawings and her bare but lush paintings, I was reminded of how a motif’s treatment depends on the artist’s dual perspective of familiarity and detachment, which led me to think of the “first landscape,” the one we encountered as children. 

Charline Von Heyl by Shirley Kaneda
Charline Von Heyl 1

I first came across Charline von Heyl’s paintings in the mid-’90s. She had moved to New York from Germany in 1994, having had her first New York solo show at Friedrich Petzel Gallery.

Aharon Appelfeld by Thomas Thornton
Aharon Appelfeld

Few fiction writers have captured the painful realities of the Holocaust as well as Israeli writer Aharon Appelfeld. He speaks here of the power of memory, the power of the spirit, and the place of religion and homeland as he has come to know it.

Volker Schlondorff by Claudia Steinberg
©1990 Allen Frame.

Volker Schlondorff has made a name for himself adapting the works of literary giants like Proust, Grass, and Atwood. He speaks with Claudia Steinberg on the eve of German Reunification.

Alexander Kluge by Gary Indiana
 Kluge 01

Filmmaker Alexander Kluge delves into the cultural significance of film and television with Gary Indiana in this 1989 conversation. A series of Kluge’s films is currently screening at Spectacle Theater in Brooklyn.

Frankfurt by Angela Neúke
Angela Neuke, Frankfurt, 1969.

Photograph of police restraining rowdy onlookers during a prize giving to President Sengh of Senegal in 1969, Frankfurt by Angela Neúke.

Köln by Saul Ostrow
Hubert Kiecol, Black Drawing, 1986, charcoal on paper. Stair with Base, 1986, cement. Courtesy of Galerie Max Hetzler.

A portfolio of artists’ works curated and introduced by Saul Ostrow.

Something Different by Stephen Ellis
Gerhard Richter, No. 617 (Meditation), 1986, oil on canvas, 126 × 157½ inches. Courtesy of Martin Goodman and Sperone Westwater.

A piece on European art and its sensibility, titled Something Different, by Stephen Ellis.

A Glimpse of Robert Musil by Edouard Roditi

When I used to go to Berlin before Hitler came to power, my friend Hans Siemsen, a German writer now but rarely read or remembered, always guided me in my choices of readings in contemporary German literature. 

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