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Anoka Faruqee and Michelle Grabner
Faruqee Anoka 01

Two artists find a mutual fascination with both the aesthetic qualities of repetition and the mechanical means of reproduction.

Jordan Kantor by Dean Rader
Jordan Kantor Bomb Magazine 01

When I look at Jordan Kantor’s visual art, I think of poems.

Portfolio by Lori Ellison
Ellison Lori 01 Bomb 133
Olinda-Celeste by Lucia Koch
276947223 05072015 Lucia Koch Webex Bomb 102
Kate Manheim by David Salle
Man 01

David Salle on how Kate Manheim’s work as an actor informs the creation of her rich, kaleidoscopic abstracts.

Hardy Blechman & Alex Newman’s DPM: Disruptive Pattern Material by Jon Caramanica
Dpm Body

Camouflage was first nature, then it was strategy. 

Vargas-Suarez Universal by Rocío Aranda-Alvarado
Vargas Suarez Universal 02 Bomb 090

Mexican artist Vargas-Suarez Universal is often mistaken for a collective, and indeed his practice—which uses sound, science and the archives of organizations ranging from the Queens Museum to NASA—is as varied as any many-authored project.

Stephen Mueller by Joe Fyfe
Mueller 01 Body

I have been following Stephen Mueller’s work for 20 years. I didn’t understand it right away but some work plants itself in your mind and its logic begins to grow there. These earthly sensual paintings display a rare pictorial intelligence and an emerging cosmic ferocity.

James Siena by Shirley Kaneda
James Siena 01

Siena successfully turns his images into what they are not, coaxing their “other” from them. Seemingly without conscious intention, he transfixes the viewer like a magician, making the nonexistent become existent, in the most indirect way.

John Morris by Adam Fuss
John Morris Untitled 1

The art historian Carl Schusler’s vast archives document the decoding of patterns originating in the culture of the Paleolithic.

The Commands of Desire by Shirley Kaneda
Article 1481  Bomb 37  Kaneda 001

Oil on canvas painting, titled The Commands of Desire, by Shirley Kaneda. 

Soil Cap by Terry Winters
Bomb 11 Winters 001 Body
Jack by Ira Richer
9 Richer 2 Body
Alienation and the Itinerary by Georgia Marsh
Alienation And The Itinerary Body
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