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Becca Blackwell by Jim Fletcher
Becca Blackwell Bomb 01

The actors chat about performing masculinity, transitioning, and Blackwell’s one-person show They, Themself and Schmerm.

We Are Orlando by niv Acosta
Niv Acosta Bomb 1

 ”Orlando is a queer AND racial issue AFTER a gun control, Islamophobia, and mental health issue.”

We Are Orlando by Corrine Fitzpatrick
Corrine Fitzpatrick Bomb 1

“We need a new word, because neither ‘hate’ nor ‘terror’ will suffice.”

We Are Orlando by Gerard & Kelly
Gerard Kelly Bomb 1

“I don’t know how to pray so I cry.”

We Are Orlando by Carlos Motta
Carlos Motta Bomb 1

“Queerness is a political force powered by anger.”

We Are Orlando by David Everitt Howe
Joaquim Pinto by Paul Dallas

Portuguese cinema, dealing with illness, and “the tissue connecting the cosmic and the corporeal.”

Keith Haring: Languages by Andrew Blackley, Johanna Burton & Scott Treleaven
Haring 1

Ciphers, graffiti hieroglyphs, and lateral communication.

Lavender Country by Andrew Aylward
Washington State Senate

Patrick Haggerty discusses his country upbringing, relationship with his father and creating country music’s first openly gay album.

Daniel Harris’s The Rise and Fall of Gay Culture by Gary Indiana
Daniel Harris 01 Bomb 060

It’s a truly unexpected pleasure to find a first-rate writer explicating a subject that is not only sprawlingly large but exceptionally clouded by obfuscation, emotionalism, and political pieties.

Sarah Schulman by Milyoung Cho
Sarah Schulman 01

Sarah Schulman, author of Empathy, speaks of the separation of activism from writing and the consequences of being assigned a marginal identity.

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