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Intimate Variations: Other Romances at Rachel Uffner Gallery by Katherine Brewer Ball
Romances1 New

Extending the possibilities of relation.

On the Clock with Amanda Ross-Ho by John Yau
Amanda Ross Ho 01

The gallery as studio.

Fall Arts Preview
Bernadette Mayer Memory 01

Upcoming shows, retrospectives, and museum openings highlighted by Maika Pollack, Ratik Asokan, Alex Zafiris, Gideon Jacobs, Michael Barron, Wendy Vogel, Zack Hatfield, and Legacy Russell

Ron Athey by Zackary Drucker
Ron Athey Bomb 02

From the Pentecostal churches of his youth to ’80s underground Goth punk and queer clubs to museums around the world, an iconic performance artist tells his story.

Looking Back on 2016: Art & Film
Looking Back 2016 Art Film Bomb 1

Selections by Lucas Blalock, Carmen Boullosa, Liz Collins, Ricky D’Ambrose, Andrew Durbin, Scott Esposito, Jen George, Brent Green, Carlos A. Gutiérrez, Karl Holmqvist, Roberto Juarez, Baseera Khan, Jaime Manrique, Isaac Pool, Marina Rosenfeld, Frederic Tuten, Wendy Vogel, and Alex Zafiris.

Rafa Esparza by Clara López Menéndez
Esparza Bomb 3

What a brick can do.

Institutional Collusion: Merlin Carpenter and Cologne’s “Non-Productive Attitude” by David Everitt Howe

It’s very tricky, if not kind of futile, to criticize the work of Merlin Carpenter; he does it for you before you’ve even had the chance, calling his art “crap political work.”

Michele D’Aurizio by Sam Korman
Andrea Romano

Opening—and closing—a gallery. by Sophie Buonomo
Hotel Art 1 on guerrilla-style curating, online galleries and why we really go to art openings.

It’s a Peach by Emilie Selden
​Storm Tharp 01

Holding a Peach, Storm Tharp’s exhibition of new paintings and sculptures, is a study in intimacy.

When We Eat The Way We Do It: Jen Rosenblit’s Last Supper at Bodega by Lauren Bakst

Take a road trip to Philly’s Bodega gallery with a podcast of a performative lecture by—and interview with—choreographer Jen Rosenblit.

BOMB GLOBAL: Appendix Project Space by Mack McFarland
Appendix Project Space

Appendix Project Space embraces change, progress, and unpredictability, breaking the traditional archetypes of the white-wall gallery space.

Post Impressions: The Mountain by Mary Jones
Marc Handelman 1

“For me, there’s something absolutely affirming and necessary in exploring the negative …” Mary Jones speaks to artist Marc Handelman about multiculturalism, marble, and mountains in the latest Post Impressions.

Bodega by Rachel Reese
Bodega 1

BOMBlog’s Rachel Reese talks with some of the founders and co-directors of Philadelphia’s Bodega, an artist-run exhibition and performance space in operation since 2010. Together they discuss the Philadelphia art community and Bodega’s role, as well as Bodega’s most recent exhibition Wax Apple.

Salomon Contemporary: 112 Greene Street by Saul Ostrow
112 Greene 01

Salomon Contemporary’s 112 Greene Street: A Nexus of Ideas in the Early 70s revives the spirit of the post-Minimalism SoHo hub by exhibiting the broad range of ideas birthed there.

Klaus Kertess’s Seen, Written by Max Blagg
Klaus Kertess 01

Seen, Written is filled with fluid and poetic dissertations on a wide range of artists and their work, standouts among them the essays on Carroll Dunham, Brice Marden, and Louisiana shaman Keith Sonnier.

Artistic License: Contracts and Aesthetics by Sharmila Venkatasubban

London attorney and curator Daniel McClean finds intersections between art and law through curatorial projects.

Prism Gallery: Mindthegap by Gilles D'Amecourt
Prism 1

A new gallery opening in the wake of this depression is nothing short of a miracle, but to say that Prism Gallery “opened” is an understatement. Its appearance in Los Angeles was more like a close encounter of the third kind.

Art Minus Gallery Personal Abstraction in Sunset Park by Emily Warner
Artminusgallery Body

The artist-run curatorial project HKJB favors art over concept. Their first show “Personal Abstraction” takes art away from a gallery setting and puts it back into a studio, in an effort to change the way we think about viewing and talking about art.

Helen Gee’s Limelight by Marvin Heiferman
Helen Gee 1

Helen Gee, in her charming and frequently hilarious memoir, Limelight: A Greenwich Village Photography Gallery and Coffeehouse in the Fifties, tells how and why she was able to keep this country’s only serious photography gallery in the 1950s open and solvent.

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