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Two Stories by Diane Williams

Did she have a deep cut?

Three Stories by Maria Rapoport

Patty would slap stickers on her calf and ass cheeks to make herself stand out. Problem is, so would the other girls. I never did much of anything.

Three Stories by Chiara Barzini

The Tenants

Things were happening. It was festive and official: everyone in the building was allowed to take the elevator. 

In Praise of Barry Yourgrau by Sascha Behrendt
Barryyourgrau Homepage

Sascha Behrendt uncovers the surrealist flash-fiction of Barry Yourgrau from the BOMB Archive.

Peacock by Dawn Raffel

Mother saw it first, over by the teepee. “See,” she said, regarding us: sisters, offspring, preeners for love.

Chai Wan Four by Helen Phillips

This First Proof contains Flash Fiction After Photographs by Jane Hammonds, including the short story “Chai Wan Four,” by Helen Phillips.

Les Baigneuses by Jeffrey DeShell

This First Proof contains Flash Fiction After Photographs by Jane Hammonds, including the short story here “Les Baigneuses,” by Jeffrey DeShell

All Data is Raw by Elena Alexander
Paul Thek 01

You know how far glass flies when it shatters. 

The Hilt by Gordon Lish

The pleasure Solovei took in the manner of Shea’s death, never mind that it was a suicide and Shea the very paradigm of what Solovei could not but help but helplessly think of whenever he, Solovei, had thought to set himself the meditation of what it must be to be the Gentile—oh so very big-boned, large-boned, heavy-boned, long and broad in all the central categories, the blithe inventor of every reckless declension, the very thing of this vexing life most lived.

Executrix by Barry Yourgrau
​Jane Kaplowitz

My hands are suddenly ice-cold. 

Four Stories by Roberta Allen
​Keiko Bonk 001

In Amsterdam the American painter, barely 20, knocks on the gallery door eager to discuss her exhibition that will soon take place. 

Three Stories by R Bartkowech
​Robin Winters 001

“Don’t do that kind of thing to your spine, son,” said his mother. “You’ll only complicate your life … You’ve got to learn how to relax.”

Boyfriend by Lisa Blaushild
​David Craven 001

I close my eyes and imagine his phone: long, black, cordless.

Drapes by Barry Yourgrau
​Robin Winters 001

“I need another match,” says the girl.

Five Stories by Lisa Blaushild
Mary Woronov 001

On Monday nights I sleep with a murderer. 

Two Stories by Dale Herd
William Morris 001

“I’ve dropped 60 at Golden Gate Fields. 

Call of Nature by Barry Yourgrau

I walk in the woods.

Evening by Barry Yourgrau

A girl sits in her room by the window, which is open to the evening. She is robed demurely in white.

The Concertina Earring by Simon Lane

I was sorting out some things the other day and came across a plastic bag.

Gray Pants by Rosemary Moore
​Jean Michel Basquiat

Today was the worst. 

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