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Natasha Stagg’s Sleeveless by Eugenie Dalland
Sleeveless Cover

Stagg’s essays, stories, and profiles on art and fashion speak to the new spaces and meanings created by the Internet.

Roe Ethridge by Tim Griffin
Roe Ethridge Bomb 01

Humor, commerce, and family play big roles in Ethridge’s conceptual photography.

Frédéric Tcheng by Paul Dallas
Frederic Tcheng 1

Haute couture, vérité documentary, and the ghost of Christian Dior.

Tobias Kaspar by Daniel Horn

An almost interview.

K8 Hardy by Ariana Reines
Hardy 14 Body

The obsession with documentation and online sharing might have caused K8 Hardy to press pause on performing, at least for now. Hardy discusses, with poet Raines, the runway show she’s producing for the Whitney Biennial.

Isaac Mizrahi by Elizabeth Cannon
242254407 02132015 Isaac Mizrahi 01 Bomb 029 Sm

“I love a strapless dress that makes you look voluptuous. It’s an art form.”

Isabel Toledo by Elizabeth Cannon
Toledo01 Body

“My clothes are like anybody else’s. If you’re confident, if you know what you’re about, nothing falls wrong—you always look great.”

Carmelo Pomodoro by Elizabeth Cannon
Pomodoro Carmelo 01 Bomb 027

A fashion interview between designer Carmelo Pomodoro and Elizabeth Cannon.

Abbijane by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe
Abbijane 1 Body

“There’s nothing more annoying than walking down the street and seeing 4,000 guys with fucking baseball caps on. What do they hide their eyes for? If you look them straight in the eye, they turn their head.”

Richard Martin by Jillian Burt
Richard Martin 1 Body

F.I.T. Gallery Director Richard Martin speaks to Jillian Burt about fashion on and off the body; in museums and for the masses.

A Thigh-Length History of the Fashion Photograph, An Abbreviated Theory of the Body by Jeremy Gilbert-Rolfe & Stephanie Hermsdorf
John Bishop 01

The 20th century has tended to be an undoing of the 19th: the collapse of empires almost as soon as they’d been built, the disuniting of Germany, the failure of the American dream. 

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