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Mundanity and Insanity: on Joy Williams’s The Changeling by Lincoln Michel
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Rediscovering a beguiling masterpiece forty years after its publication.

Genre Omnivore: on Dino Buzzati’s Catastrophe by Lincoln Michel
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Fabulism and absurdity from an under-appreciated Italian master.

John Giorno by Verne Dawson
Giorno Interview 01

A pioneer of New York’s downtown scene in the ’60s and ’70s recalls how he found his vocation as a poet.

Plucky Digressions by Jamie Fisher
Penelope Lively 01

Fabulous talkers in Penelope Lively’s The Purple Swamp Hen and Other Stories

Natalie Frank by Dasha Shishkin
Natalie Frank 01

“Suspension of disbelief seems more immediate in a drawing, which is a direct portal into another world.”

Epistolary Review: The Evolutionary Revolution by Jackie Wang

Wait a minute Mr. Postman! Is there are review in your bag for me? BOMB contributor Jackie Wang kicks off her Epistolary Review series with Lily Hoang’s The Evolutionary Revolution.

The Tears of Cortés by MJR Montoya

Montezuma II sacrificed a baby giraffe that was given to Hernán Cortés just before his conquest of the New World.

Personal Foundations of Self-forming Through Autoidentification with Otherness by Nelly Reifler
Hook, Line and Sinker: The Handbook by Gertie Fornby

Thar once was a cannonball named Parpian who shot right past my bridges and straight into my life. Oh a difficult feat, for I’d spent 25 years constructing those bridges.

Wolf Soup by Vijay Seshadri

This First Proof contains the poem “Wolf Soup.”

Two Stories by Victor Montejo
Mud Toe The Cannibal by James Purdy
Wolfgang Staehle 001

A songster by the name of Baby Bundy was accustomed to thrill his church and congregation every Sunday and Thursday in New York by singing anthems, solos, and old hymn tunes.

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