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Edmundo Paz-Soldán by Scott Esposito
Pas Soladan Bomb 3

“Breaking away from magical realism ended up creating another stereotype: that of a generation obsessed with mass media, new technologies, and disdainful of politics.”

Berlin Calling: Alexis Knowlton by Mary Jones

This June Alexis Knowlton spoke at The Drawing Center’s colloquium on the “Power of Art.” Her topic was “S.L.A.T.”, Super Lame Art Thematization; calling attention to the corruption of the artist’s intention in the presence of evil middlemen.

Harriet Hosmer: Lost and Found by Patricia Cronin

Who gets written into history? Who is forgotten? What are the conditions under which eradication can occur?

Deborah Baker’s A Blue Hand: The Beats in India by Betsy Sussler
​Allen Ginsberg in Benares

While Deborah Baker’s packed compendium does indeed tell stories of the Beats in India and more—Corso’s confessions of unrequited love, Burroughs’s surly brushes with sex and death, Kerouac’s ad hoc pronouncements on writing and marriage—Ginsberg is the protagonist of this lush tale. 

Lionel Shriver by Jenefer Shute
Shriver 03 Body

Shriver’s new novel, So Much For That, which deals with America’s health care crisis, is out March 9th.

Jerome Charyn by Frederic Tuten
Jerome Charyn 01

Both first-rate novelists, Frederic Tuten and Jerome Charyn grew up in the Bronx, meeting as teenagers at the home of Fay Levine, the Bronx’s own Elizabeth Taylor. The two reminisce after the release of Charyn’s novel The Green Lantern.

Shirley Jaffe by Shirley Kaneda
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Shirley Jaffe’s distinctive and eccentric work is difficult to pin down, both in time and style. When I first came across her paintings at the Holly Solomon Gallery in New York in 1988, I had an immediate response to their idiosyncratic quality. 

The Ambassador’s Son by Tom Bissell

This First Proof contains the story “The Ambassador’s Son.”

Double Portrait of the Artist: A Conversation With Edmund White by Alain Kirili
White 01 Body

Having just completed a biography of Jean Genet, Edmund White discusses jazz, sculpture, and “the art of the flaneur” with abstract sculptor Alain Kirili over dinner in Paris.

Haruki Murakami by John Wesley Harding
Murakami 01

Murakami’s expert manipulation of the mundane into the magical has made him one of the most ubiquitous voices in contemporary fiction.

Cast in Doubt by Lynne Tillman

Early in the morning, in this part of the world, in the summer, the sun is so strong and direct, I believe that all the spirits must be holding that fiery globe in its heavenly place and shining it down on us.

Hillary Johnson by Patrick McGrath
Twisted Intentions by Lynne Tillman

LONDON: I stare at the wallpaper in my hotel room. 

Janet Hobhouse by Bruce Wolmer
Hobhouse 01 Body

Janet Hobhouse discusses her various books with Bruce Wolmer — NovemberDancing in the Dark and Everybody Who Was Anybody: A Biography of Gertrude Stein—and the differences between “American” and “English” writing.

Charles Henri Ford by Bruce Wolmer
Ford 01 Body

Famed writer, editor, filmmaker, and publisher Charles Henri Ford speaks of his early years in Paris, his theory of collage, and how he came to obtain a nude photograph of Robert Mapplethorpe and Patti Smith.

That Far Away Place: A Video Documentary on the Life of Clarence Adams by Oliver Phillip Walker

The following Interview took place in the Kitchen House—Mr. Adams’s restaurant in Memphis, Tenn. Vegetables are chopped and neatly laid cut on the counter—huge works line the wall behind him. He sings.

Paul Bowles by David Seidner
Bowles 02

Novelist, translator and editor Paul Bowles tells David Seidner about his literary career and life, spanning the greater part of the 20th century: working with Tennessee Williams, moments with Gertrude Stein, and a distaste for Wagner.

Coming of Age in Xania by Lynne Tillman

Sitting on a sidewalk in Athens, sitting on the curb in front of a shoe store, Jack saw me and called out, “Are you an American?” and I answered Yes and told him I was looking for a hotel. “Share mine,” he said, “a dollar a night.”

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