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Jeff Whetstone’s The Batture Ritual by Ratik Asokan
1 The Eastern Hope

Invited to examine the human geography of lower Louisiana for the 2017 Prospect New Orleans triennial, Jeff Whetstone set off for the batture, a patch of land that separates the Mississippi from the city’s levee. 

J.P. Sniadecki by Nicolás Pereda
A Shape Of Things To Come Still 1 167 1 Cmyk

On occasion of Sniadecki’s current project, A Shape of Things to Come, the two filmmakers trade insights on “sensorial cinema” and working with reclusive desert-dwelling subjects.

The Otolith Group’s O Horizon by Rahel Aima
4 Gathering F

In the molten golden hour, a row of Santhal tribeswomen dance in an open field. Arms interlocked, they bounce as one centipedal body to the beat of a dhol, cymbals, and a purring bamboo flute. The musicians wear flowers in their turbans, while the dancers don expressionless metallic masks that impart an otherworldly timbre to the pastoral scene.

The Art of Travel: Alexis Rockman Interviewed by Dorothy Spears
Alexis Rockman1

Artist and writer discuss their globe-spanning travels.

Studio Visit: Greg Lindquist by Louis Bury

Painting pollution.

Amitav Ghosh and Curt Stager
Ghosh And Stager Bomb 01

If novelists could tell the story of climate change, they might spark the action scientists are calling for in order to save the planet.

César Alvarez’s Futurity and Tim Grabham and Jasper Sharp’s The Creeping Garden by Michael Blair
Alvarez Cesar 01 Bomb 134

A musical that argues against itself, posing more questions than it could ever attempt to answer.

Portfolio by Matthew C. Wilson

Interspecies/specie communication.

Rachel Sussman by Monica Westin
Rachel Sussman 01

Eternity, ecology, and outer space.

Daniel Dencik & Michael Haslund by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold

Melting glaciers, Metallica, and the Arctic.

Bryan Zanisnik

Walking and talking in the Meadowlands outside of New York City.

Greg Lindquist by Orit Gat
Heidi Norton and Michael Marder by Monica Westin
​Heidi Norton 1

Artist Heidi Norton and philosopher Michael Marder discuss the ethics of plants and differentiate between “nature” and “ecology.”

Joshua Corey and D. C. Waldrep’s The Arcadia Project by Jeff Nagy & Joshua Corey

Here is an attractively printed 500-plus-page anthology of “North American Postmodern Pastoral Poetry,” culled from work first published since 1995 and divided into four largely arbitrary piles.

BOMB Specific by Peter Fend
Bomb 118 Fend01

In 1982, BOMB Magazine published images of my ocean-basin mapping along with a letter sent on July 7, 1981 to the director of the Iraqi Mission to the United Nations. 

Three Poems by Ted Mathys

Rain in Detroit

Aircraft on the tarmac strut

Alberto Kalach by Jose Castillo
Kalach 01

Urban planning and the Edenic garden, from Cicero to Borges; and universal knowledge and the public library, from Boulee to Kalach’s own soaring Vasconcelos Library.

José Castillo by Carlos Brillembourg
Portfolio by Juliette Bonneviot

Xenoestrogens are chemical compounds that are said to mimic Estrogen.

Samuel Mockbee by Judy Hudson
Mockbee 02 Body
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