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New Myths: Jonathan Monaghan Interviewed by Sean Capone
Atrace Leftbythe Future Install 02

Somewhere between cinema and video games.

The Madeleine Machine by ​Megan Hunter
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What was the earth like?

My sister asks this every night, leaning back on her pillow. The question is part of our routine, along with brushing our teeth, peeing, pushing our legs into the soft holes of our pajamas.

Accepting Enigmas: Sophie Mackintosh Interviewed by Leah Dworkin
The Water Cure

The novelist on writing multiple women’s voices, creating a world where men are toxic, and the wide range of female dystopian fiction.

Studio Visit: Sydney Shen by Danni Shen
Sydney Shen1

An artist’s index of the strange.

A World Without the Present: on Yoko Tawada’s The Emissary by J.W. McCormack
Tawada Banner

The novelist’s latest imagines an apocalypse that feels all too likely.

Gender Trouble in Queer Paradise by Tavia Nyong'o
Segade Future St 01

Future St. is set in an America in which homosexuality has triumphed over heterosexuality, cloning has replaced sexual reproduction, and California has seceded from the mainland United States to form the gay male state of “Clonifornia.”

Sex, Tattoos, & Geocatastrophe by Lauren LeBlanc
Lidia Yuknavitch 01

Freeing Joan of Arc from her Catholic trappings in Lidia Yuknavitch’s The Book of Joan

David Ohle by JA Tyler

Camera-eye in the future ruin, “freedom” prison, and cutting up the news.

Salvation City by B.C. Edwards
Sky Body

Sigrid Nunez’s latest novel examines country and society after the world is decimated by a super-flu. It turns our there aren’t nearly as many zombies as we were lead to believe.

Darwin’s Bastards by Justin McNeil
Article 4428 Darwinsbastards1

Editor Zsuzi Gartner pulls a lovely trick with this collection of dystopian fiction from a stable of writers of serious literary stock. BOMBlog’s Justin McNeil reviews their take on that dirty bastard category, genre writing.

Get Well Soon by Constance Christopher
Rosa: an excerpt from Slaughtermatic by Steve Aylett

Rosa strode down Swerve Street, dragging her nails along the wall. Sparks leapt and underscored a graffiti saying, ONLY THE EXPERT WILL REALISE YOUR EXAGGERATIONS ARE TRUE.

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