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Let Her Come Dancing All Afire by Dylan Landis

The patron saint against temptation sits straight-backed in an Italian convent as if mortised into her chair, and she is dead, dead, dead. 

Let Her Come Dancing All Afire by Dylan Landis

The patron saint against temptation sits straight-backed in an Italian convent as if mortised into her chair, and she is dead, dead, dead. 

Monsters of the Deep by Elissa Schappell

This First Proof contains the short story “Monsters of the Deep,” by Elissa Schappell.

Sebastián Silva by Christian Viveros-Fauné
The Maid

Sebastián Silva’s highly realistic films are also thrillers. Set in Chile and performed by ensemble casts who replicate their counterparts in life with stunning veracity, his latest film, Old Cats, opens in New York this spring.

Treeless Mountain by Montana Wojczuk
Article 4852  Treeless Mountain

Brenda Wineapple, author of the new Emily Dickinson biography White Heat, recently spoke on “nudging narrative,” the massive effort needed to create a “biological narrative” out of the messy stuff of life. 

Saïd Sayrafiezadeh’s When Skateboards Will Be Free by Lena Valencia
Article 3573 Skateboards1

When a child is raised according to political doctrine, political decisions and personal habits become one and the same. 

You Are Your Own Very Unique Snowflake by Sally Anne Clegg

This First Proof contains the short story “You Are Your Own Very Unique Snowflake”.

Steve Martin’s Born Standing Up by Frederic Tuten
Steve Martin

Let’s say it was not Steve Martin who had written this memoir of his early years as a standup comedian—or as he says in his poignant introduction, a biography of someone he used to know. 

A. R. Gurney by Romulus Linney
Gurney01 Body

“Because when you’re in love, you’re not just one person, you’re several people.” Romulus Linney

Jonathan Caouette by Christopher Wilcha
Jonathan Caouette 01

32-year-old Brooklyn filmmaker Jonathan Caouette has been documenting his own life since he was eleven. His staggering debut Tarnation, part documentary and part narrative, is a densely layered testament of Caouette’s life and that of his family.

Saturday by Scott Sell

They have separate alarm clocks on their nightstands because she always needs to be 10 minutes ahead of him.

The Mother by Liza Béar
Bomb 87 Mother1 Body
Incognito with My Brother by Karen Shepard

I count the number of times he’s left me. I categorize them in a journal. “Accidental” means couldn’t be helped. “Voluntary” means the ones I hold him responsible for. 

Seymour Rising by Peter Orner

In the plum, thickly carpeted, overly waitered dining room of the Standard Club of Chicago, my grandfather and my father are finishing lunch. 

What You Eat by Ben Ehrenreich

When I was a boy, my father always told me, “If you kill something, boy, you’ve got to eat it.” It’s the way of the world, he’d tell me, and only right and just besides. 

Paula Fox’s Borrowed Finery by Fiona Maazel
Paula Fox Body

Fiona Mazel contrasts Paula Fox’s fictional work to that of her forthcoming memoir, Borrowed Finery.

Uncle Mame by Edmund White
Edmund White 1

Edmund White discusses the memoir of nephew Keith Fleming as well a the circumstances that brought the two together in the 1970s.

The Night Doctor by Javier Marías

Now that I know my friend Claudia is a widow—following her husband’s death from natural causes—I keep remembering one particular night in Paris six months ago…

Galaxy Craze’s By the Shore by Catherine Texier
Galaxy Craze

The narrator of Galaxy Craze’s first novel, 12-year-old May, could have been called Galaxy, or Rain, or Moonbeam. 

Hook, Line and Sinker: The Handbook by Gertie Fornby

Thar once was a cannonball named Parpian who shot right past my bridges and straight into my life. Oh a difficult feat, for I’d spent 25 years constructing those bridges.

the world is a woman by Lindsay Ahl
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