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I Fall Asleep Watching Home Videos and Dream by Langston Cotman
Cotman Mockup Hires 2
I Fall Asleep Watching Home Videos and Dream by Langston Cotman
Cotman Mockup Hires 2
Love is Something We Inherit: Yanyi Interviewed by Sarah Sala
The Yearof Blue Water2

The poet on the myth of total knowledge, resisting answers, and the anxiety of completion.

Dream Study (Hibernation) by Kamil Franko

It was October, and autumn was at its highest. I found myself in Croatia, in Zagreb, near the mountain of Sjleme for two months, and there I began filming Hibernation.

Portia Zvavahera by Netsayi
Zvavahera Portia 01 Bomb 134

“I’m a Zimbabwean and I should show in my paintings where I’m from. In our culture, when you have a dream about dogs, cows, or whatnot, it means an evil spirit is coming to attack.”

(Irrelevant) Mass Delusion in Cajas by Mauro Javier Cardenas
2013 Tower Body

on the other hand if someone were to ask Leopoldo about his pilgrimage to Cajas, 

Curled Like One Great Ear on a Sound by Luke Wiget

Luke Wiget on the commanding sounds and biographical narrative in Li-Young Lee’s re-released The Winged Seed

Three Poems by Elena Alexander

Minding the Elephants
(03/20/2003 – 12/18/2011)

Like a lion he breaks all my bones …

2 + 2 can = Cake by Anthony Tognazzini

Poet Dean Young on his new collection Bender and making vehicles to another world.

A Stroll through Literature by Roberto Bolaño

This First Proof contains an excerpt from A Stroll through Literature, by Roberto Bolaño, translated by Laura Healy. 

16 Poems by Roberto Bolaño
Roberto Bolaño 01

An excerpt from Roberto Bolaño’s new collection of poetry, Tres, out from New Directions.

Lucrecia Martel’s The Headless Woman by Montana Wojczuk
The Headless Woman 3 2 600X254 Body

Filmmaker Lucretia Martel has often been compared to David Lynch, but where Lynch’s films give off the rank smell of a decaying swamp (with who knows what sunk to the bottom), Martel’s new film possesses the arid beauty of a bone left in the sun.

Everything You See Is Real by Ben Ehrenreich

This is the unabridged version of Ben Ehrenreich’s story, also available as a Fiction for Driving audio.

Sebastián Patané Masuelli by Emma Wilcox
Sebastián Patané Masuelli 01

Sebastián Patané Masuelli once answered an asinine question of mine about his influences with the quip, “If we had planned to arrive in this country we would have done certain things in advance, like learn the language.”

Federico Fellini: The Book of Dreams by David Kramer
​Federico Fellini 01

Rizzoli, 2008

What makes dreams so confounding and revealing is their juxtaposition of things known or remembered with the complete mysteries that lurk in the subconscious.

Judith Linhares by Madison Smartt Bell
Judith Linhares 01

Award-winning novelist Madison Smartt Bell instigates an epistolary exchange with painter Judith Linhares on dream theory and Emily Dickinson.

Marina Abramović by Laurie Anderson
Marina Abramović 01

After nearly 40 years, Marina Abramović’s performances and installations continue to make viewers squirm. Laurie Anderson, an old friend, queries the artist on dreams and Buddhism.

Tunga by Simon Lane
Tunga 01 Body

The magician never gives away his secrets. Tunga is content to explain his, yet the sum of these secrets remains a mystery.

Incidents of Travel in Riversford by Thomas Bolt

This First Proof contains an excerpt from Incidents of Travel in Riversford.

Hook, Line and Sinker: The Handbook by Gertie Fornby

Thar once was a cannonball named Parpian who shot right past my bridges and straight into my life. Oh a difficult feat, for I’d spent 25 years constructing those bridges.

Jenny Diski by Frederic Tuten

English writer Jenny Diski’s Skating to Antarctica, part memoir, part travelogue, created a critical stir of approval upon its release. What her American audience might not realize is that she’s a prolific novelist.

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