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Remember to Forget by Zachary Block
3 Into Eternity Body

Michael Madsen’s documentary, Into Eternity, describes the epistemological discussion behind Finland’s Onkalo waste repository, designed to last 100,000 years. Zachary Block spoke with the director about this haunting documentary, screening now at Film Forum in New York.

Michel Auder by Carole Ann Klonarides
Auder 1 Body

“Well, I observe humankind. I observe man and woman in struggle. And that’s why I feel like an anthropologist.”

Allison Anders by Bette Gordon

“I never give them archetypes. I’m totally anti-Jungian, symbols are intellectual. Emotions are universal, not symbolic. So that’s where I try and keep it, with the emotions.”

Jennie Livingston by Reena Jana
Article 1416 Livingtson01

“I know the ball walkers aren’t “feminists” in the politically correct sense of the term, but what they are doing is innately feminist. A boy becomes a girl—gender is a learned thing, and these people chose to be women despite the American social convention that to be a man would be the preferable choice.”

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