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Two Sunsets by Adam Golfer
Adam Golfer Two Sunsets 1

A film investigating memory and history, premiering exclusively on BOMB, with a brief interview by Alex Zafiris.

Antonio Campos and Robert Greene by Nicholas Elliott
Antonio Campos Christine Bomb 01

Two films tell the tragic story of reporter Christine Chubbuck’s on-air suicide in 1974.

Pedro Costa by Michael Guarneri
Costa 1

Documentary, realism, and life on the margins.

Elisabeth Subrin by Gary M. Kramer
Elisabeth Subrin 1

“All evidence is wrong. It’s distressed—just like memory.”

Rosa Barba by Joan Jonas
Rosa Barbara 01

During a train ride from New York to Massachusetts, Rosa Barba and Joan Jonas exchanged thoughts on volcanoes, deserts, and poetry, on film versus video, and the layering of time and place in their works.

Cristina de Middel by Pradeep Dalal
Middel 01

With official-seeming letters folded next to staged photographs, the project moves fluently between the evidentiary and the fanciful.

Death to Silence: A Continuation by Anya Jaremko-Greenwold
Plagueimage3 Body

Director David France talks about activism, justice, and the ongoing struggle to find meaning, and his new documentary about the AIDS crisis, How to Survive a Plague.

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