Dirty War (Argentina)

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After the Massacre by Carlos Fonseca
Hernan Ronsino 01

Staging historical justice in Hernán Ronsino’s Glaxo

BOMB Specific by Fredi Casco
Greene 1 1000 Body

“The movement of the crowd edged towards the Avenue Mariscal Lopez where the processions wre passing” (Graham Greene, Travels with my Aunt, p. 217). 

Roberto Bolaño by Carmen Boullosa
Roberto Bolaño 01

The late Chilean writer Roberto Bolaño (1953–2003) belonged to the most select group of Latin American novelists. He speaks with Carmen Boullosa in this interview.

Griselda Gambaro by Marguerite Feitlowitz
Gambaro 01 Body

Griselda Gambaro talks to Marguerite Feitlowitz about the pressures of writing under an oppressive government regime in Argentina.

Angélica Gorodischer by Marguerite Feitlowitz
Gambaro 02 Body

“Life here is surreal” writes science fiction author Angélica Gorodischer in a letter to Marguerite Feitlowitz. Here she discusses the writing life in a time and place where independent thinkers face the risk of anything from torture to death.

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