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Nona Fernández’s The Twilight Zone by Anderson Tepper
Twilight 4
Nona Fernández’s The Twilight Zone by Anderson Tepper
Twilight 4
Documenting Syria: Alaa Hassan Interviewed by Julia Meltzer

“It is the photographer’s responsibility to avoid misunderstandings.”

Patricia Esquivias by Manuela Moscoso
Rltpgroup2 Body

By engaging in storytelling, Patricia Esquivias utilizes narrations to re-signify situations and events filtered through her own individual and particular viewpoints.

Tomás Harris’s Cipango by Daniel Borzutzky
Article 3549  Cipango

Written mostly in the late Pinochet years, Cipango’s four interconnected books address the terror of these times in a back-alley tour through the tough streets of Concepción. 

Junot Díaz by Edwidge Danticat
​Junot Díaz

If Marvel Comics had gotten around to it, Oscar Wao would have been a hero. As it is, Junot Díaz stepped in and made him one first.

Eduardo Galeano by Jaime Manrique
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My mind reeling after reading Eduard Galeano’s new volume Upside Down, I prepared a questionnaire of 23 topics that I wanted to discuss with him. Nervous to be interviewing a man whose audacious thinking dazzles like fireworks, I went to meet the Uruguayan author at the hotel where he was staying during his recent visit to Manhattan.

Diamela Eltit by Julio Ortega
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Eltit’s novels are radical projects that dispute the public space, the national interpretation and the role of genres under authoritarian conditions. 

Javier Marías by Paul Ingendaay
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“Unlike philosophical thinking, which demands an argument without logical flaws and contradictions, literary thinking allows you to contradict yourself. A character within a book can say two totally contradictory things, yet both can be true. Shakespeare does that all the time.”

Ariel Dorfman by Jenifer Berman
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Writer Ariel Dorfman addresses his pan-American past, the threshold of insanity, and the literary stakes of exile.

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