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Take Note by Julia Bosson
Joan Didion 01

Unchanging times, in Joan Didion’s South and West

John Wieners’s Supplication: Selected Poems and Stars Seen in Person: Selected Journals by Patrick James Dunagan
Wieners John 01 Bomb 134

The newly published journals match and exceed all preexisting Wieners publications. 

From Silver Caution by Angela Jaeger
Jaeger Angela 01 Bomb 134
The Total System by Andrew Durbin
John Cage Diary Bomb 1

On John Cage’s Diary: How to Improve the World (You Will Only Make Matters Worse)

Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Selected Poetry, Edited and Translated by Stephen Sartarelli by Jonas Mekas
Bomb130 Mekas Pasolini New

That summer, that hot Roman summer afternoon, I see you sitting on the curb, waiting for the door to open, & seeing all those movies, yes, that hot Roman summer day.

Extremists: Daniil Kharms by Chris Cumming
​Daniil Kharms

The revelatory rediscovery of Russian absurdist writer Daniil Kharms.

Paper Clip #19 by Tyler Curtis
Chris Kraus Gravity And Grace 1996

Paper Clip is a weekly compilation of online articles, artifacts and other—old, new, and sometimes BOMB-related.

José Antonio Suárez Londoño: Portfolio by Luis Enrique Perez Oramas

This First Proof contains a portfolio of three sketchbook pages of José Antonio Suárez Londoño.

Federico Fellini: The Book of Dreams by David Kramer
​Federico Fellini 01

Rizzoli, 2008

What makes dreams so confounding and revealing is their juxtaposition of things known or remembered with the complete mysteries that lurk in the subconscious.

Scrapbook by Sheila Bosworth
Robert Polidori 001 BOMB 97

“All I want is to see where I’m going next.”
—Amy Hempel, Tumble Home

Three Poems by Delisa Mulkey
The Room Lit by Roses by Carole Maso

For a long time I had wanted a child, but the desire, attenuated, had passed, and other feelings had taken its place.

Diaries 1989–90 by Gary Indiana

Cookie died Friday. I saw Victoria Pedersen in the Korean deli near Simon’s place, I had gone over there to eat some Chinese take-out with Simon.

Diary by Jonas Mekas
​Peter Waite 01

As I reread the pages that follow I do not know anymore whether this is truth or fiction. 

Opening Pages by Charles Henri Ford
​Charles Henri Ford
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