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House/Hold and Family Portrait by Hillerbrand+Magsamen

A selection from husband and wife team Hillerbrand+Magsamen’s House/Hold series (2011-12), plus a video excerpt of Family Portrait (2012).

House/Hold and Family Portrait by Hillerbrand+Magsamen

A selection from husband and wife team Hillerbrand+Magsamen’s House/Hold series (2011-12), plus a video excerpt of Family Portrait (2012).

Geo Wyeth by Judith Shimer
Geo Wyeth

Geo Wyeth discusses first experience with video in Kitchen Steve Project and examines the relationship between technology and performance.

OPEN with Jake Yuzna by Legacy Russell

With OPEN, director Jake Yuzna peels back the skin of love and sex in the modern age, giving audiences a glimpse of what the future holds—on the silver screen and beyond.

Laura Lima by Cabelo
Laura Lima 01

An artist on artists text on Laura Lima by Cabelo, accompanied by several photographs of sculpture pieces by Laura Lima, the first titled Gala Chicken.

Kate Valk by David Salle & Sarah French
Valk03 Body

“I worked at Shepherd-Pratt mental hospital, and I liked to take my name tag off and maybe be confused for one of the patients.”

Yinka Shonibare by Anthony Downey
Shonibare 03

Yinka Shonibare first came to widespread attention through his use of Dutch wax fabric, which he has used both as the ground of his paintings and to clothe his sculptures. 

Zoë Wanamaker by Bette Gordon
Wanamaker 02 Body

Zoë Wanamaker’s performance in Sophocles’s Electra brought New York audiences to their feet every night in 1999. Catharsis never had it so good. Film director Bette Gordon talks to the legend.

Jeffrey Vallance by David Pagel
Vallance04 Body

Jeffrey Vallance’s art has infiltrated the Vatican, the Debbie Reynolds Museum, the Liberace Museum and a Nautical Museum not far from the Arctic Circle. Writer David Pagel quizzes Vallance on the sacred and the profane.

Linda Hunt by Craig Gholson & Vincent Caristi

Academy Award winner Linda Hunt speaks with Craig Gholson and Vincent Caristi about her roles in The Year of Living Dangerously, Silverado, and the Public Theater’s production of Wallace Shawn’s Aunt Dan and Lemon.

Two Photographs by Kate Simon
Bomb 14 Simon1 Body

Two photographs, Ethyl Eichelberger as Lucretia Borgia and Ann Magnuson as Mrs. Rambo by Kate Simon. Magnusons’ dress by Pilar Limosner and wig by Barry Hendrickson.

Cindy Sherman by Betsy Sussler
Sherman 01

Cindy Sherman’s earliest photographic work displayed her posed tauntingly in sets. Mimicry, mostly of ’50s and ’60s film, they anticipated a voyeuristic response.

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