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Jana Hunter by Gary Canino
Jana Hunter 1

Synths, nostalgia, and anti-artist capitalist ideology.

Matt Siber by Alec Quig
Cheese 460X360 Body

Photographers Matt Siber and Alec Quid discuss Siber’s work, and the imagined—yet very real—space that it occupies.

The Yes Men by Steve Lambert

The Yes Men are America’s foremost impostors. 

Mary Ellen Caroll’s Federal by Charles Renfro
Article 5605  Mary  Ellen  Carroll

In a word, Mary Ellen Carroll’s Federal is boring—and that’s why it’s so effective. 

Mark Lombardi by Devon Golden
Lombardi 01

Mark Lombari’s drawings are beautiful. It’s worth noting at the outset, because you will forget it as soon as you get close to one.

David Humphrey by Elliott Green
David Humphrey 01

David Humphrey creates ecosystems that advertise themselves as something you have seen before. Their profound weirdness creeps up on you: his pictures become stranger and more original with time.

Walter Kirn’s Up In The Air by Amy Hempel

During a panel discussion on The Novel some years ago, Allan Gurganus eloquently brought the talk about Big Ideas around to LANGUAGE, saying, memorably, “There are those of us who are still loyal at the level of the sentence.” 

Gretchen Bender by Cindy Sherman
Bender 01 Body

The late Gretchen Bender created “high tech” art when “high tech” was still an accepted turn of phrase. Here, she talks to Cindy Sherman about the appropriation and manipulation of TV commercials, images from the news, and contemporary art.

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