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Architecture as Metaphor: William Forsythe and Tino Sehgal at A Prelude to The Shed by Cory Nakasue
Shed Prelude 01

A taste of what’s to come at Manhattan’s new space for multidisciplinary programming.

Architecture as Metaphor: William Forsythe and Tino Sehgal at A Prelude to The Shed by Cory Nakasue
Shed Prelude 01

A taste of what’s to come at Manhattan’s new space for multidisciplinary programming.

On the Chaos of Bodies: David Grubbs and John Sparagana in Conversation
Sparagana 01

The collaborators on riots, punk, Richter, and the new book Now that the audience is assembled.

Looking Back on 2017: Music
Looking Back 2017 Music

Featuring selections by Jem Cohen, Keith Connolly, Britton Powell, Alan Courtis, Byron Westbrook, and more.

Mohsen Namjoo & Ensemble by Roja Heydarpour
Namjoo Mohsen Bomb 01

Welcome to Little Iran. We have not claimed a neighborhood in New York City, or even a street for that matter. Our community rears its head at shows.

Looking Back at 2014 #5
Looking Back Cyan

Selections by Deana Lawson, C. Spencer Yeh, Andrew Bourne, Orit Gat, Clinton Krute, and Brian Evenson.

Looking Back on 2014 #3
Vision Orange

Selections by Nate Wooley, Laida Lertxundi, and Sarah Gerard.

Venom P. Stinger by Tyler Curtis
Vps Body

Mick Turner (who has a new album out soon) and Jim White discuss the Melbourne post-punk scene of the ’80s and ’90s, as well as their transition to playing in Dirty Three.

Jennifer Herrema by Gary Canino
Jennifer Trux In Cville Body

Jennifer Herrema weighs in on her art work, fake reunions, Black Bananas, and sweating the Fiscal Cliff—and the Meatloaf/Gary Busey fight.

Holly Herndon by Sean Higgins
Holly Herndon Press Credit Suzy Poling Pic 006A Body

Holly Herndon on techno-optimism, the academy, and the computer as a compositional tool.

David Lang by Nico Muhly
Love Fail 2 Body

Muhly chats with fellow composer, and Pulitzer Prize winner, David Lang about his recent work, love fail, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music from December 6 to December 8.

Risky Business: Tangerine Dream at the Best Buy Theater by Nick Hallett
Tang Dream Body

Nick Hallett on a recent performance by synth pioneers Tangerine Dream who are on the outside looking in of the recent revival of interest in kosmische music.


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Endless Boogie’s Full House Head by Clinton Krute
Endless Boogie 01

Full House Head presents mind-numbingly blissful tracks, and uses repeated riffs to create a long, loud, monolithic album.

PIXELBOMB hits Northside! by Lena Valencia & Elise Oh

BOMB’s very own Lena Valencia and music blogger PIXELHORSE (a.k.a Elise Oh) give you an instant-messaged tour of this year’s Northside Festival put on by L Magazine, complete with pictures and video. It’s easy. It’s virtual. And much, much less sweaty.

700 Acres and 30 Corporate Sponsors: Four Days at Bonnaroo by Alex Traub
Bonnaroo 1

In the Bonnaroo guide, the festival organizers pride themselves on an “integrated approach to brand partnerships.”

FLASHING LIGHTS: The Joshua Light Show by John Ruscher
Flashinglights 1

It must have been something like this in the good old days. After forty-odd years, the Joshua Light Show, a psychedelic extravaganza, returned for a week-long residency at the Abrons Art Center. BOMBlog’s John Ruscher was in attendance as bands like MV+EE, Woods, Oneida and the Silver Apples flashed back in front of the Light Show’s gorgeous, shifting backdrops.

Joan La Barbara and Ne(x)tworks at Roulette by Nick Hallett
​Joan La Barbara

Joan La Barbara staged an excerpt from her opera-in-progress Angels, Demons, and other Muses last Thursday. Nick Hallett describes the otherworldly sounds she created with the experimental music community Ne(x)tworks.

Plants and Animals and Ra Ra Riot at Union Hall by Paola Capó García
Plantsandanimals1 Body

Buzzy Plants and Animals and surprise guests Ra Ra Riot played a sold out show at Union Hall on the 13th. Paola Capó-García reports, noting the discrepancies between the live and studio sounds of both bands.

Music for Two Pianos

Keyboard-to-keyboard and back-to-back, Thomas Bartlett and Nico Muhly shared an island of two piano benches swaying out compositions as one musician.

Black Cobra/Black Tusk/Javelina/Batillus @ The Charleston by Peter Moysaenko
Black Tusk

If I must, I will begin with an apology—I’m sorry. I missed the first band.

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